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The Last of Us 2
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The Last of Us 2 safe codes and combinations will help you get rewards like the gun store Big Win, as well as ammo, weapons supplements and more. While it's always possible to find the safe codes in the game, these special combinations are often far away from their associated safes, or just hard to get to owing to confusing puzzles or bloodthirsty enemies.

Popping every one will also get you the special Safecracker Trophy, on top of all the loot you can scavenge from inside, so we’ve got all 14 The Last of us 2 safe codes and combinations laid out clearly below, as well as codes for a couple of vaults and doors you can also open up to get at the treats inside. 

Of course, if you want to do the same thing in the first game too, we've listed all The Last of Us safe codes right here for players to check out! After all, why shouldn't Joel be as much of a safecracker as Ellie after him?

Jackson Patrol safe codes and combinations

Safe 1: Inside the Market

The last of us 2 Safe 1: Inside the Market

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Safe combination: 07-20-13
Contents: Scrap and supplements

You’ll find your first The Last of Us 2 safe on patrol with Dina in the market you reach by climbing up this truck. Once inside you’ll have to put on gas masks because of spores and push through a couple of rooms, and eventually a fungus covered crack in the wall. You’ll find the safe behind the first door on your right after the gap. The combination is “the date my good boy got employee of the month”. That’s on the notice board just outside: 072013. 

Seattle Day 1: Downtown safe codes and combinations

Safe 2: Inside the Courthouse

the last of us 2 Safe 2: Inside the Courthouse

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Safe combination: 86-07-22
Contents: Scrap and supplements

To get to the safe inside the Courthouse you’ll have to climb this truck to reach a window that will get you inside. There will be some infected you’ll need to deal with before you can access the basement. The safe is in the office next to the elevators. The door is locked but you can smash the windows to get in. The combination is on the whiteboard: 860722. 

Safe 3: Westlake Bank

The last of us 2 Safe 3: Westlake Bank

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Safe combination: 60-23-06
Contents: Pump shotgun

You’ll have to squeeze through the dark opening at the base of this collapsed bank to access this safe, which is actually a bank vault. Again there are infected to deal with inside, but once they’re clear you’ll find the vault via the area behind the cashier counters. The combination is in the bag next to the body you find immediately inside the vault area: 602306. You can get the pump action shotgun inside, as well as an Easter egg in one of the safety deposit drawers. 

Safe 4: Gate West 2

the last of us 2 Safe 4: Gate West 2

(Image credit: Sony)

Safe combination: 0451
Contents: Scrap, supplements, a health pack and a collectible trading card

This safe is tucked away at a checkpoint and can be accessed by squeezing through a gap in the fence. A large message on the wall says to use the gate code which you’ll have on your Checkpoint Gate Codes note. It’s 0451, a Deus Ex reference. Inside the safe you’ll find supplements, scrap, a health pack and a collectible trading card. 

Seattle Day 1: Downtown Capitol Hill safe codes and combinations

Safe 5: Thrift Store

(Image credit: Sony)

Safe combination: 55-01-33
Contents: Ammo and a health pack

Towards the end of the Capitol Hill level you’ll reach an area covered in trip mine booby traps. As you move though (carefully) you’ll eventually pass through a Martial Arts gym and out the other side where you find a thrift shop full of old furniture near a yellow taxi. Through the door at the back you’ll find a noticeboard with a letter stating that a safe combination is ‘the last six digits of Staci’s phone number’. Through the door on the right you’ll find the phone number in a bathroom which will give you the safe code 550133, and through the door on the left you’ll find the safe, along with a clicker.  Inside you’ll find ammo and a health pack. 

Seattle Day 1: The Tunnels safe codes and combinations

The Tunnels door code: Soda can combination

(Image credit: Sony)

Door code combination: 15243 
Contents: Ammo, supplements and crafting supplies

Not long after you have your first encounter with the shamblers in the red lit tunnels you’ll find yourself in a narrow corridor with a couple of side doors, one of which will lead into a break room with vending machines and a coffee pot (it’s just before the gate blocked by a barrel with the exit visible on the other side). Inside there’s a door locked with a combination. Around the corner from the door is a table with a note telling you to get a soda to find the code, and nearby is a vending machine you can smash open to get the soda can inside. On it, a note will give the first three numbers of the combination - 152 - and tell you to ‘figure out the rest’. Fortunately, the combination lock only has five buttons so all you have to is figure out where the three and the four go. The final combination is: 15243.   

Seattle Day 2: Hillcrest safe codes and combinations

Safe 6: Hillcrest Garage safe

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Safe combination: 30-82-65
Contents: Short gun holster, scrap, ammo and crafting supplies

When you’re moving through Hillcrest you’ll find a back alley garage you can access by moving aside a green dumpster. It’s in the area with the bike and liquor store, as well as a hair salon and tattoo parlor which you can get through to reach it. Inside there’s a safe, as well as some infected. However the combination for the safe is in a closed up bar you can access through a pet store on the other side of the main street. Be careful as there’s a shambler in there. Kill the infected and check the wall in the bar kitchen to get the combination 30-82-65. It’s one of the harder ones to get as it rewards you with the short gun holster, letting you carry two pistols at once. 

Seattle Day 2: The Seraphites safe codes and combinations

Safe 7: Apartment bedroom safe

(Image credit: Sony)

Safe combination: 10-08-83
Contents: Ammo and supplements

When you leave the theatre looking on route 5 to reach the hospital you’ll eventually see this apartment block. The main door is locked but you can either get in via the basement window to the laundry room to the right of the main door, or by climbing the truck outside to reach the balcony. You’ll need to reach the balcony to get into the upper floor apartment on the right by breaking the window, as the door is locked from the outside. There’s a note on the table inside saying the safe combination “is still set to our wedding date - I mean it’s been thirty years, but I assume you remember when that was, right”. There’s a door that leads to a bedroom where you’ll find a calendar marked “30th Anniversary: 10/08/13” and a safe. Subtract 30 years from the date to get 10 08 83 and open the safe.

Safe 8: Weston’s Pharmacy safe

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Safe combination: 38-55-23
Contents: Ammo, supplements, health kit, crafting supplies and an explosive arrow

After your first big run in with the Seraphites you’ll have a short swim to another part of the city and eventually reach Weston’s Pharmacy. Behind the cash register you’ll find a letter that mentions the safe code is 38-55-23. You can reach the safe by crawling through a small hole in the wall between two shelving units.

Seattle Day 3: The Flooded City safe codes and combinations

Safe 9: The Flooded City safe

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Safe combination: 70-12-64
Contents: Scrap, supplements, ammo and crafting supplies

As you move through the flooded city you’ll eventually reach a gate you can’t pass until you use a chain to pull it up. Next to that is a locked off area with a safe inside. Investigate the stairs to find a room above you with a body inside and a note with the safe code, 70-12-64. There’s also a trolley you can move to access a tiny hole you can crawl through to access the locked area. As well as the safe there’s a lot of resources inside so it’s a worthwhile stop off.  


Seattle Day 1: On Foot safe codes and combinations

Safe 10: gun safe

the last of us 2 Safe 10: gun safe

(Image credit: Sony)

Safe combination: 17-38-07
Contents: Hunting pistol, ammo 

Almost as soon as you get out of the boat hangar  you’ll find a small cabin like building you can only get in by breaking a window. Inside you’ll find a note mentioning some stashed guns in a lock up with “the big win” as the combination. That’s the ringed Lotto number on the noticeboard, 17 - 38 - 07. The safe is in the building immediately facing you as you come out of the cabin, and you can get in through a hole to the left by the palettes. 

Seattle Day 1: Hostile Territory safe codes and combinations

Safe 11: Jasmine Bakery

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Safe combination: 68-96-89
Contents: Supplements, ammo, crafting supplies, health bar

A way into Hostile Territory you’ll reach this narrow street in what looks like Seattle’s Chinatown district. There’s a safe in the first shop on the left, Jasmine Bakery, the one with a purple sign. To finb the combination though you’ll have to leave the bakary and head into the second door on the left which will take you into a red themed restaurant. Head upstairs where you’ll see some clickers through a floor level opening which you can kill before you enter the room. Crawl into this room where you’ll be able to jump over the street below to reach the otherside. The combination is on a letter, on a cardboard box in the room to the left with a pool table inside: 689689. 

Seattle Day 1: The Coast safe codes and combinations

Safe 12: The boat safe

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Safe combination: 90-77-01
Contents: Scrap, supplements, ammo training manual

On The Coast level you’ll enter a beached boat. When you go up the stairs and through the door you’ll find the crossbow and find yourself in a narrow corridor. Take out the runners ahead and at the end of the corridor you’ll find a note on a camp bed with a safe combination, 90-77-01. Work your way up and through the ship until you find the bridge where the safe is located, containing, among other things, a training manual that will unlock the Ordnance Upgrades Branch which will improve your crafting skills. 

Seattle Day 2: The Shortcut safe codes and combinations

Safe 13: The Apartment safe

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Safe combination: 30-23-04
Contents: Scrap, ammo, crafting supplies

When you’re heading to the sky bridges you’ll pass through some apartments that you jump to from a partially collapsed freeway. In the first room you’ll find a letter with a conversation between neighbors that mentions supplies in a safe, and that the combination is “our apartment number and then your apartment number”. The safe itself is in the bedroom. If you look outside you’ll see you’re in 302 and the neighbors are 304, giving you the combination 302304. 

Seattle Day 3: The Descent safe codes and combinations

Safe 14: The gym safe

(Image credit: Sony)

Safe combination: 12-18-79
Contents: Supplements and crafting supplies

After you fall into a swimming pool from the sky bridge you’ll find yourself in a gym. The safe is in a small store room just in front of the desk on the other side of the area, and if you turn right you’ll find a coffee shop. On the noticeboard in the coffee shop kitchen is a note explaining the safe code is the same as the WiFi password, 121879.

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