All The Last of Us Part 1 safe code combinations

The Last of Us Part 1 Remake safe codes combinations
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The Last of Us Part 1 safe code combinations can be found in The Outskirts, Bill's Town, Pittsburgh and the Suburbs. Each one contains near essential rewards like lots of parts, supplements and even a training manual. Making them more of less essential to crack open.

The good news is that codes are often fairly nearby if you know where to look. Although you don't even have to go that far as the codes never change and we've got them here if you just want to look them up and cut out the middle part.

However you go about it, all of them are worth cracking to get at what's in side, as something 50 parts for weapons upgrades can make a big difference. Below we have all the The Last of Us safe locations and safe combinations, as well as what you'll find inside each one.

If you're planning to play the sequel after this then we also have all The Last of Us 2 safe codes and combinations listed as well. 

All Safe Codes in The Last of Us Part 1 Locations

There are four safes in The Last of Us Remake with the following combinations: 

  • The Outskirts safe Code: 03 - 43 - 78, in the underground subway shopping area where you have to sneak past the Clickers.
  • The safe in Bill's Town Code: 05 - 17 - 21, on the main road with the barricade at the bottom.
  • The Pittsburgh safe Code: 22 - 10 - 56, in the flooded lobby of the Hotel Grand.
  • The Suburbs safe Code: 08 - 21 - 36, in the house next to the Ice Cream Truck.
The Last of Us Hotel Keycard

The Last of Us Part 1 Keycard hotel generator bloater

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Stuck in the basement looking for the Hotel Keycard in The Last of Us Remake? Find it here and get the hell out of there. 

Each safe code is on an Artifact Collectible nearby with the combination written on it, as well as some other The Last of Us Part 1 lore. Once you have the code you'll have to remember it (or check the artifact to see what it was again) and manually input the numbers into the safe. 

We've listed the locations of all the safes and safe codes in The Last of Us Remake below in more detail, as well as what you can find in them. Given the large number of upgrade parts you can get from opening these things, why not check out where to find all The Last of Us weapons, including special gear and equipment?

The Last of Us Outskirts subway safe and code location

The Last of Us Part 1 Remake safe codes combinations

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After fighting clickers and infected in the slanted skyscraper, you'll drop down into a ruined subway, eventually sneaking into a square, underground area with shops on both sides and clickers stalking about. The safe and the code are both in here on opposite sides so make sure to grab them before you go, otherwise you'll miss your chance. This safe contains a large quantity of Parts, vital for The Last of Us weapon upgrades.

  • Safe Code location: The safe code is on the left-hand side of the area. Head to the store on that side, then behind the counter with the cash register. The "Note to Derek" collectible with the combination is in a drawer.
  • Code: The combination to the Outskirts Safe is 03 - 43 - 78
  • Safe Location: The safe itself is in the store on the opposite side - the right-hand wall - with a sleeping infected to the right of it. Kill the infected, then input the code.
  • Contents/Reward: 50 Parts

The Last of Us Bill's Town safe and code location

The Last of Us Part 1 Remake safe codes combinations

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The safe and code on the high street in Bill's Town aren't too visually obvious - one's strung up on barbed wire, the other is located halfway down the street next to an abandoned pickup. You'll reach this area not long after starting the level, entering after Joel hoists Ellie up over the fence to open the gate for him. Bill's Town also contains the first of the game's many sets of Tools in the Last of Us Part 1 you'll need to access better weapon upgrades. 

  • Safe Code location: Immediately after going through the gate, head left and go directly down the high street, past the RV, to the barricade blocking the road with the deckchair on top. Caught on the barbed wire is the "Note to Bob" collectible - which has the combination on.
  • Code: The combination to the Bill's Town Safe is 05 - 17 - 21.
  • Safe Location: The safe itself is back up the high street. Walk back along, and on the left hand side will be a pickup truck with the safe on the road next to it.
  • Contents/Reward: 50 Parts, 5 of The Last of Us supplements, Hunting Rifle ammo

The Last of Us Pittsburgh hotel safe and code location

The Last of Us Part 1 Remake safe codes combinations

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This combination is one of the trickier ones - the safe is easy to find, but the code is in a dead end that doesn't even look like somewhere you can go. You'll reach the Hotel in Pittsburgh after finding a wooden palette for Ellie to get over the water. This safe contains one of The Last of Us Part 1 Training Manuals, so it's definitely worth opening. 

  • Safe Code location: Pick up the ladder on the left hand side of the lobby and carry it to the back wall, to the left of the ruined staircase. You need to go this way anyway but there's a detour to get the safe code - once you climb up, turn right and shimmy along the thin lip of broken floor (shown above), around the staircase wreckage. Once
    on the other side, the code is in an open suitcase ahead of you, on the collectible "Note to Staff."
  • Code: The combination to the Hotel Safe is 22 - 10 - 56.
  • Safe Location: The safe is back down the ladder where you started. Head to the right side of the room to the reception desk, go behind them and follow them left to the small coat-check room - the safe is back there against the wall.
  • Contents/Reward: Shiv: Reinforcement Training Manual, 50 Parts, Revolver Ammo, crafting Explosive material

The Last of Us Suburbs house safe and code location

The Last of Us Part 1 Remake safe codes combinations

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The last safe in the game comes after escaping the sewers with Henry and Sam. When you start walking through the suburbs while looking for their safehouse (if you hit a section with a sniper, you've gone too far and will have to reload).

  • Safe Code location: Both the code and the safe are in the house just past the blue ice cream truck, on the left. For the code, go inside and head as far up as you can to the attic den. The Matchbook collectible is on a countertop just to your left as you enter, and has the code on it.
  • Code: The combination to the Suburbs Safe is 08 - 21 - 36.
  • Safe Location: Once you have the Matchbook, head down one floor and into the master bedroom on the left. The safe is clearly visible there, on the right as you enter the room in a closet.
  • Contents/Reward: 10 Supplements, 50 Parts, Shotgun ammo 
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