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The Last of Us Part 1 guide and walkthrough

The Last of Us Part 1 Remake artifact collectibles locations
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This The Last of Us Part 1 guide contains everything you need, providing a complete walkthrough to the game. From safe codes to Tools, special weapons, supplements, collectibles and all the rest. We've got help for everything you're going to need in the the game, complete with pictures and pointers to make sure you don't miss anything that might help you endure and survive. It's a tough world out there so don't make it any harder than it needs to be.

Safe codes

The Last of Us Part 1 Remake safe codes combinations

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There are several The Last of Us safe codes scattered around the game you'll need to find. Each consists of a safe and a combination that can be hidden away in different places. The last thing you want is to find one and have no idea where the other is. So, to help you find and open all 4 - in the Outskirts, Bill's Town, Pittsburgh and Suburbs - we've got all the directions, locations and rewards here. We've also just got the codes if you want to cut out all the actual work. 


The Last of Us supplements part 1 remake

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The Last of Us supplements can boost some really important skills to keep you alive. Things like improving your health, listen mode distance, crafting speed and so on. They even unlock the absolutely vital ability to use a shiv to escape a clicker if you get grabbed. The more of these dubious pills you find and trustingly eat, the stronger you get and the easier you'll find it to survive. There are loads too, over 500, and we've got all the locations laid out in this guide. 

Training Manuals

The Last of Us Part 1 Remake Training Manuals

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The Last of Us Training Manuals are vital to upgrade Joel's gear and improve some important skills. Find the right ones and you can reuse shivs multiple times, improve weapon upgrades or melee damage, or boost bomb and Molotov blast areas. You basically want them all, as there's almost nothing they offer that doesn't feel extremely useful. This guide lists the locations for all of them so you can max out all your gear.


The Last of Us Part 1 Remake weapon upgrades

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You'll use a lot of the same basic The Last of Us weapons for most of the game. Things like your revolver or hunting rifle will soon become fast friends as you fight to survive. However, while some are basically unmissable mandatory handouts, there are some you can find sooner or later, and some special options you could potentially miss all together. Don't do that - this guide has every weapon location laid out clearly to get you tooled up as fast as possible.  

Weapon upgrades

The Last of Us Part 1 Remake Weapons all special

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To get the best out of your guns you'll want to find all the The Last of Us weapon upgrades. These increase things like fire rate or reload speed, and generally enhance the specific specialties of a given weapon - so more armor piercing power, say, or better spread for a shotgun. You're basically not getting the best out of your armoury unless you find them and we have all the locations listed here to help you do just that. 


The Last of Us Part 1 Remake tools locations

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While upgrading your weapons is important, you can't do it until you find The Last of Us Tools. These effectively 'level up' your upgrade ability to let you increase and improve various weapon attributes. There's only five in the entire game though and if you miss one, you've missed it. So we've got them all listed and located here to help you.  


The Last of Us Part 1 Keycard hotel generator bloater

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The Last of Us keycard can be confusing when you encounter it, because it's something the game only does once. There's a door you can only open once you find  the mysterious key (as well as start a generator and defeat a Bloater, but one thing at a time). Having never had to do it before it's easy to have no idea what you're meant to be looking for, so let us take the guesswork out of that with this guide showing you where to find it. 

Artifact collectibles

The Last of Us Part 1 Remake artifact collectibles locations

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The Last of Us artifact collectibles are the main collectibles in the game, notes, letters, objects and other miscellaneous bits and bobs Joel and Ellie can find. Each one tends to tell a little story or inform about the world and lore, so they're definitely worth finding if those things appeal to you, or if you're a completionist. And with over 80 artifact collectibles in the whole game, our guide listing all their locations is going to be something you'll need for this monumental task.

Comic Books

The Last of Us Part 1 Remake comic books savage starlight

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The Last of Us comic books are another, less obvious collectible, as Ellie gains interest in the Savage Starlight comics after Bill's Town and finding the whole series becomes its own mini side-quest to have in the background as you explore and fight. With only 14 issues total it's a much more achievable goal than some, and while you can't read the comics in their entirety, the back covers tell their own story and even comment on the plot of The Last of Us Part 1 itself.

Firefly Pendants

The Last of Us Firefly Pendants Part 1 Remake

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The Last of Us Firefly pendants are perhaps the least obvious and glamorous of the collectibles, but they're worth hunting for those who really want to master the game. These silvery dogtags number 31 in total (though one of those is a secret, inessential one), and are often difficult to find because of their small size and habit of appearing on high branches or ledges, just out of reach. Fortunately, we've grouped all their locations here for you.

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