Monster Hunter World walkthrough: everything you need to know in one place

Monster Hunter World is a colossally-big game. Featuring colossally-big creatures. And colossally-big weapons to kill them with. Starting out in this behemoth RPG, however, can be daunting. There’s so many tutorials, so much to learn, so much to kill. Whether you’re an aspiring or veteran Hunter, to help you out we’ve amassed all our guides in one handy hub for you to browse at your convenience when you’re waiting for a Palico to bring you a meal, or just have some down-time before the next Anjanath demands your attention. Happy hunting!

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Monster Hunter World beginners’ guides 

Getting started in Monster Hunter World is almost as terrifying as facing your first Great Jagras. Having tutorial after tutorial thrown in your face can get overwhelming, but we’re here to help. Here are all our guides that were created especially for beginners. Give ‘em a read and in no time you’ll be the scourge of monsters everywhere. 

Monster Hunter World starter guide
Is this your first Monster Hunter game? If the answer to that was yes, then you’re not alone. We were beginners once too, so we’ve added all the tips and tricks we learned in our first couple of hours with the game to our Monster Hunter World starter guide.

Monster Hunter World beginner weapons guide
Choosing one of the 14 weapons available is a tricky decision to say the least. Would you rather have a Bowgun or an Insect Glaive? Do you want to stab or pummel? To answer all those questions take a look at our Monster Hunter World beginner weapons guide: affinity, effects and more explained.

How to quickly understand Monster Hunter World (especially if you’re a Destiny player)
Guardians will get a severe sense of déjà vû when they get stuck into Monster Hunter World. And no, that’s not just because it uses the term ‘Hunter’ liberally. For those of you that need convincing that your Palico is basically just a Ghost in cat form, we’ve got some tips on how to quickly understand Monster Hunter World - especially if you’re a Destiny player

Monster Hunter World intermediate guides

If you could take down a Great Jagras with nothing but a toothpick, you’ll probably be more interested in the intricate mechanics and strategies at work within Monster Hunter World. Below are the guides made especially for those who are perfectly comfortable with the idea of blowing a raspberry at an Elder Dragon, or if you’ve simply played a Monster Hunter game before. 

Monster Hunter World tips
You can’t deny that Monster Hunter World is very different from the games that have come before it. Even if you’re a dab hand at slaying those hulking great creatures, you’ll want to take a look at our Monster Hunter World tips.

Monster Hunter World how to play online with friends
Tackling the bigger monsters alone is perfect for anyone who enjoys a thrill ride (or near-death encounters), but for everyone else having your chums around sure makes all that slayin’ a bit easier. And more fun. In Monster Hunter World how to play with friends is somewhat tricky to untangle, so we’ve got a clear breakdown of what it entails right here.

Monster Hunter World armor skills explained
Wearing the dead skin of your latest kill is something most Hunters will take pride in, but which dead skin should you wear? Our Monster Hunter World armor skills explained guide will tell you everything you need to know.

Monster Hunter World monsters
From the furry ones to ones that are covered in glittery blue scales, to ones that make you wish you had a flame extinguisher nearby, there are a ton of creatures around for you to slay. To stop yourself from puzzling over how to kill them, we’ve got a rundown of all the Monster Hunter World monsters and how to make them R.I.P.