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The crappy conversions of great games that deserved a mercy killing

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions
Pretty much equal to the sum of its parts

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Review
A new classic that's not necessarily for everybody

"Ask a games journalist" PAX panel audio ready to stimulate your ears
GamesRadar and PC Gamer team up to A your Qs about the games industry

What should next week's Question of the Week be?
We couldn't think of anything, okay?

Special Notice!

This unusual-but-awesome episode features a rapid-fire first segment with post-PAX impressions, the worst game ports, new releases, game deals, and more, followed by two very special 'lost' segments which werecordedwith a live, drunk audience at PAX last weekend.

If you heard the PAX special we posted last Sunday, you know that our CrapBook Pro fizzled out during recording, which is why we were only able to post a short "re-do." But with help from our IT department (we love you), the fabled 'lost' episode has been recovered! Two never-before-heard PAX segments will follow the first segment, and to make the whole thing complete, the drunken re-do attempt that constituted our PAX special will close it all out.

Thanks again to everyone who came out to support us in Seattle. We still love you if you couldn't make it, but we'll see you next year, right? Right?!

As a special bonus, listen for some real editor bickering in the first segment! One of us may be getting the silent treatment for not completely editing the section out as requested. Enjoy!

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In the office

All photos byAndy Bauman

Above:Just after we'd boarded the fun trainlast Saturday night at PAX

Above: From left to right - A head,Mitch Dyer, Jim Sterling, and, of course, Bratt Alston

Above: Dan Amrich reacts to the death of our MacBook - he didn't take it very well

Above: At its height, our PAX gathering was a right soirée!

In the community

Artist: Batman5273 - Oh my...

Artist: graboids - Lizzie seems awfully okay about Chris' Butt-BLAM (Confused? SeeTalkRadar 117)

Artist: graboids - Activision's Dan Amrich spars withthe notrious Jim Sterling, which you can hear in this very episode!

Artist: elpurplemonkey- There's more BLAM in this pic than you may be able to handle

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