TalkRadar Live: PAX 2010 special

You've heard us loud. You've heard us drunk. But never this loud or this drunk, surrounded by a gaggle of TalkRadar fanseager to hop on mic and attain instant internet superstardom. It was truly the best part of PAX 2010, and a sure sign we'll be back next year - but there's a sad footnote to this otherwise legendary podcast. About two hours into the recording, our MacBook straight up DIED and we may have lost everything recorded up to that point. We're trying to figure it out, and if we can salvage any of it, it'll post ASAP.

So, this podcast we're posting actually begins about 3 hours into the night. And boy are we hammered (mostly because YOU GUYS bought us too many drinks!). Immense thanks to everyone who came to Gameworks Seattlefor the recording, plus a shout out to attendees Dan Amrich (OneOfSwords), Jim Sterling (Destructoid), Mitch Dyer (freelancer extraordinaire), AJ (PTFGN), Andy Bauman (editor of KOXM)and Evan Lahti (PC Gamer). And apologies if it's too crazy right off the bat; hopefully we can recover the first part and put it all together.

Above: Roundtable get! The night began with a seemingly perfect setup, with ample outlets and room

Above: Whoops, we forgot a power cable. Off to the store for a new one, then we're back in business

Above: It's officially drunk o'clock. Not a sad face in the house!

Above: OK, somehow even noisier than it was before. This can't get any better!

Above: Super hot Bayonetta cosplayer poses with Chris, who doesn't really remember this happening. We talked to her briefly, but then the thinkable happened...

Above: Aaaand MacBook dies without reason. Podcast possibly lost. So we set up another one and started over, which is the audio in today's podcast

Again, we're trying REAL HARD to get the lost podcast back. Dude, it was awesome, mainly because of the pure love in the room. You guys all rocked ass and we can't wait to do it again. Stay tuned AFTER the podcast for an audio recording of our "Ask a Games Journalist" panel, held the day after all this drunken madness.

Oh, and start planning on going to PAX 2011. Seriously, just go.

September 5, 2010

Brett Elston

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