TalkRadar 119 - Reaching to the Choir

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A decade later, you can still see the ripples

Halo: Reach review (opens in new tab)
One game. Two very different reviews

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Alan Wake, Psychonauts, and Sackboy go deeper

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A gentleman always makes each game better than the last

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What's your stupidest game-related purchase? (opens in new tab)
The dumb crap you had to have

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In the office

Above: Chris after dentist

Above: New podcast room!

Above:Play Halo: Reach with ustonight! (Friday, Sep 17)

Above: Tyler took over hosting this week, and Brett snapped a picture of his "airtraffic controller" set up

Above: The Inception trailer music really does go with everything

In the community

Above: Holy crap, Richtaur... holy crap

Above:batman5273pretty much does our job for us

Above: Who knew Charlie could be such a douche?! batman5273 reveals the truth

Post date:September 17,2010
T-Dar119 length: 2:29:43
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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