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02-20-09 | 2:06:10 | Intro song byAnamanaguchi

The Top 7… worst games in great games
Ahhhh Blitzball…

Street Fighter IV
PlayStation: The Official Magazine’s Scott Butterworth is here to talk about his glowing Street Fighter review.

Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned
PENIS! Or a discussion of the most significant DLC ever released.

Prinny: Can I Really be the Hero?

Noby Noby Boy
PSN’s newest game from the creator of Katamari continues to baffle.

Earthbound/Mother 2 will never be rereleased!
And we’re playing what’s alleged to be the reason why.

Red Ring of Death over?
Microsoft claims an end to the affliction that’s affected over half the 360s of our readers and staff.

Dead Space: Extraction on Wii!
Survival Horror goes all first-person and waggle-licious.

Activision to sue EA over Brutal Legend?
Rumors of what could be the greediest grudge of all time.

G4 cutting back on its game-related shows
More airings of Ninja Warrior and Arrested Development are our bittersweet silver lining.

Question 23: What’s the most effort you've put into getting a single game?- answer in our invitingforums!


Quote of the Week:
“Blitzball is about as fun as playing hacky sack in the womb.”

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Blu-Ray Contest UPDATE!

Above: The listeners have spoken, and they’re showing off their game rooms for a chance to win.

X-Blades Contest – UPDATE!

Above: Photoshop a thong and you could win a FREE copy of X-Blades on the PS3 or 360!

Above: Our wonderful listeners plead for sanity during the harshest days of console wartime

Above: Wave360 has done the impossible and made Chris look less flattering

Closing Jam: Dialima tu Kafe’ by Diggi Dis, Zeratul

Feb 20, 2009