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It's our five-year anniversary! Time to dredge up some of our best list features from the past

Only you can save America – the question is, will you want to?

Take a look back at some of our favorite stuff from the last half decade

QOTW:What’s your favorite GamesRadar article?
Shut up, we don't turn five-years-old every day, jerkoffs! A lot has changed at GR in the last half decade, yet we remain just as devoted to providing you with entertaining shit on a regular basis, via news, reviews, features and videos. Sometimes we hit, other times we write features about shoes, but it's important to see what you dig, in order to keep you here and stay employed. Because at GamesRadar, we value even your wasted time. Stroke our egos in the forums and we might read your response LIVE on TalkRadar 144!

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In the office

Above: Nintendo dropped by the office in a goddamned bus! I wonder what they’re bringing by…

Above: Henry poses next to Green Lantern’s hat

Above: We're giving away this handsome Portal 2 Hoodie from! Find out how to win ithere. Orhead hereto win a Dragon Age II or Homefront Soundtrack CD.

In the community

Above: The TalkRadar Appreciation show is coming…click here to prepare

Above: Before everybody forgets…

Above: Whatever brought on this Boondock Saints inspired art, more power to it, graboids!

Above: santaclouse37 inadvertently comes up with a better title for this week’s show

Above: Love the cute little asshole protruding from Brett’s belly. Thanks Batman

Above: Because of MrDuracraft, maybe we’ll be seen by more of America

Above: Never before has someone illustrated soundboard abuse quite so beautifully. You win, Bobbety!

Above: Batman5273 takes a far less creepy route to tell Lizzie she’s a piece of artwork

Post date:March 18, 2011
T-Dar143 length: 2:38:11
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