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Destiny 2 Xur location: Where is Xur and what Exotics is he selling for September 13 - September 17

(Image credit: Bungie)

This weekend's Destiny 2 Xur location is the Rig on Titan. Xur will be available until 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm BST on Tuesday, September 17. Head northeast of the Rig landing zone, past the Fallen and onto a lower outdoor platform. Xur is in a small room nearby, marked by slightly raised, yellow-trimmed platforms.

Here's everything Xur is selling this weekend.

Xur Exotic inventory for September 13 - September 17:   

  • Weapon - Coldheart: fires a steady laser which gets stronger the longer you hold it on a target. Coldheart was a top-tier DPS weapon in Destiny 2's early, dual-primary days, but it's not very strong anymore. It's fun to play around with, but it's a weak boss option, and if you just want to kill trash mobs, Prometheus Lens is the superior trace rifle. 
  • Hunter Exotic - The Dragon's Shadow: dodging reloads all of your weapons (not just your equipped one), and increases movement and handling speeds for a short time. This is secretly one of the best neutral Exotics in the game, especially for PvP. Instantly reloading all your weapons is as convenient as it sounds, and being able to quickly swap between them immediately after dodging can allow for some clutch plays. 
  • Titan Exotic - Hallowfire Heart: your solar grenade and melee abilities recharge faster. They recharge much faster if your Super is charged. Even after all these years, Hallowfire Heart is still one of the best Exotics for solar Titans, no matter what subclass you're playing. It gives you consistent access to your grenades and (often) your shattering strike, which is often way more valuable in PvE than using your Super. 
  • Warlock Exotic - Chromatic Fire: precision kills with kinetic weapons create Firefly-like explosions based on the element of your subclass. If you're playing as a void class, the explosions will deal void damage. This is another fun Exotic that's struggled to find a place in end-game loadouts. Stacking Chromatic Fire with Ace of Spades' Firefly is extremely cool, but rarely practical. That said, this Exotic does pair pretty well with bows, if that's your bag. 

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