Destiny 2 Steam version launches October 1 but you can sign up to transfer this month

The long-awaited Destiny 2 Steam version will launch alongside Destiny 2 Shadowkeep on October 1, Bungie announced. However, PC players are encouraged to sign up for the transfer ahead of launch. Sign-ups will open on Tuesday, August 20, and Bungie says more information will follow. We'll update this story with more precise instructions when they're available. 

For those of you who need a refresher: yes, Destiny 2's PC version is permanently moving from to Steam. As Bungie explained in its newly updated FAQ, all PC progress will transfer to Steam - your Guardians, your Silver, your gear and items including Eververse purchases, DLC content, achievements and Triumphs, and everything else. Barring any technical hitches - fingers crossed - PC players will be able to play Shadowkeep on launch day exactly as they would if the game were still on 

Note that Destiny 2 will no longer be playable via after October 1, so this is a mandatory transfer. If that puts you off for some reason, or you've been thinking about changing platforms, you'll be happy to know that thanks to the arrival of Destiny 2 cross save, also launching this month, it will be easier than ever to bring your account with you wherever you decide to play. 

Destiny 2 will have lasted just under two years on It was the first non-Blizzard property to be hosted on the platform (Blizzard is part of the same parent company as Activision), later followed by Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. Destiny 2 was the result of a publishing arrangement between Bungie and Activision but Call of Duty is owned and operated exclusively by Activision, so I wouldn't expect that arrangement to change any time soon.