Destiny 2 Captive Cord: How to find the Lunar Battlegrounds and finish the Essence of Failure

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You're going to need the Destiny 2 Captive Cord to farm for the Arc Logic auto rifle, which was reissued at current Power levels in Season 14 after being sunset at the start of Year 4. It's nice to see this gun back, especially with its updated perk pool, though its Essence quest can still be a pain to complete the first time around. That's why we've whipped up a short guide to help you collect the Captive Cord quickly and painlessly.  

How to find the Lunar Battlegrounds 

Unlike most other Essence components, the location of the Captive Cord isn't in the Hellmouth. Instead, head to the Sorrow's Harbor landing zone in the northeast, and head southeast on your sparrow. Hug the right wall until you come to a scarlet bridge, then keep going straight. 

You'll soon come to an open area covered in Hive totems. Keep moving toward the back of the room, hopping off your sparrow if you need to. Take the thin path straight back until you come to the battlefield from the opening of the campaign. You'll find the Captive Cord on top of a tall building off to the right, around the back corner of the satellite fixture. 

There you have it. Once you obtain the Captive Cord, you won't need to pick it up again, so your future Essences of Failure will go by much quicker. Good thing too, because the Arc Logic auto rifle which comes from this Essence could well be a contender with the right roll. It sounds amazing, that's for sure. 

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