Destiny 2 Ralnik's Hatchet: How to find the Traitor's Ketch and finish the Essence of Jealousy

Destiny 2
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The Destiny 2 Ralnik's Hatchet collectible is actually useful again now that the Shadowkeep weapons have been reissued after being sunset at the start of Year 4. This item unlocks the Essence of Jealousy at the Hive lectern on the Moon, letting you farm the Night Terror sword. Like the other Essence collectibles, this thing's a little out of the way, so here's a short guide explaining where to find Ralnik's Hatchet. 

This old clip from Spazmattic is still an accurate and useful visual reference, and it's especially handy here because this Essence collectible is a little unique: it's a mob drop rather than an item to be picked up off the ground. 

To find it, from the southern Moon landing zone at Sanctuary, we're going to head east and hug the east wall until we reach a downed Fallen ship – that'd be the Traitor's Ketch mentioned in the Essence of Jealousy quest description.

Hop inside this Fallen ship and follow the linear path deeper until you reach a larger open chamber. In the back, right before the door to the next area, you'll find a yellow-bar Fallen mini-boss. That's Ralnik; kill him to collect the hatchet. Ralnik will only spawn if you have this Essence quest on you, so be sure to grab it ahead of time. 

Voila! That's one more Essence ready to go. All you need to do now is finish off the other quest steps by getting sword kills and completing patrols, Public Events, and Lost Sectors on the Moon. Once you complete and turn in your first Essence of Jealousy, you'll just need to redo the basic steps to finish another and collect more Night Terrors – you won't need to get another copy of Ralnik's Hatchet each time. This makes it easy to farm for your go-to god-roll sword. 

Night Terror can now drop with the perk One for All, giving it a substantial damage boost after hitting three enemies, which is fun to pair with perks like Relentless Strikes and Tireless Blade to really let you chew through groups of enemies. Old favorites like Surrounded and Vorpal Weapon work nicely, too. 

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