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TalkRadar 22 – quiz show!

You might want to sit down for this, and if you happen to already be sitting, stand up so you can sit back down and experience our one-on-one talkin’ to with Cliffy B, the man behind all things Gears of War. Then we’re out to guess a series of iconic video game sound effects – those that stump the T-Dar crew are your chance to hop in theforumand win a GR t-shirt.

After that we reveal why we firmly believe Nintendo will have a new handheld by 2010, plus vent about a particularly nasty problem with the LittleBigPlanet beta. It’s entertainment as you like it!

Explicit Content Within! Persons with delicate ears should definitely not listen, as they will hear edgy no-no words freely spoken on South Park and HBO.

10-10-08 | Length - 2:05:58 | Opening song byAnamanaguchi

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Top 7... game expos better than E3– a jackhammer to the nuts is better than E3, so it’s not a hard competition to win

E3 2008 Awards– we spotted Cliff in a shady bathroom, hilarity ensued, led to us trying to get him on the show

Question 6: What’s the worst game you’ve played to death, despite it sucking horribly?


Quote of the week:
“Dawg, you somethin’ ta say ‘bout Gears of War 2 or are you bullshittin’ on Front Street?”

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Above: Chris’ response to question 6: the terrible might of Amagon!

Above: Which is better, Zelda or Halo? We settle the debate with an old-fashioned nerd-off

Above: OXM’s Dan Amrich sneaks in, steals Charlie’s headphones and proceeds to ramble on about “arcades” and “quarters” and “dimly lit pedophile camps”

Above: The camera is in perfect focus – Chris is actually vibrating faster than the speed of light

Oct 10, 2008