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TalkRadar 110 - Up Bump the Jump

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The Top 7... Coolest video game islands (opens in new tab)
A celebration of this ever-evolving gaming staple

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Daigo’s Ryu beats Ricky Ortiz’ Rufus in the final round, North America’s Justin Wong eliminated early

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New Batman: Arkham Asylum 2 domains offer "earth-shattering" clues (opens in new tab)
A catastrophic earthquake, martial law, and other hints towards No Man's Land

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What's your favorite game commercial? (opens in new tab)
As much as we’re loath to praise marketing, you gotta hand it to certain advertisements that pull it off well. After all, there are game commercials we haven’t seen in several decades, yet still remember word for word. Surely you have some too, youngling! All we ask is that they be pre Jonas Brothers, then post your response in the forums and we might read your response in an upcoming episode of TalkRadar.

In the office

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Above: Anew episode of GR's Trailer Trash (opens in new tab)is up and ready for angry comments from the developers! Click, won't you? It features GamesRadar Art Poobah, Cheryll Del Rosario!

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Above: Plus the set pic above also inspired Lizzie and Chris to collaborate on what could be the most Emo f***ing album mankind has ever witnessed

Above: Bask in the light cast by Brett's immaculate RPG collection. Mint, in box +AAAA!

Above: Take a tour of Chris in Tyler's swingin' new pad

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Above: Oh yes, this is coming soon.Prepare thyself (opens in new tab)

In the community

Above: Batman5273 made a TDar add with universal appeal...

Above: The he helped Kinect capitalize onone of the greatest celebrity implosions EVER (opens in new tab)!

Above: You want get Mechamorbo's image if you haven't read thebizarre chain of events that unfolded in the comments of Trailer Trash Episode 2 (opens in new tab). Oh my...

Above: Graboids perpetuates the myth of Chris Antista’s scent...

Above: And batman5273 continues the insult

Above: We love a good crossover, as does 510BrotherPanda

Above: aJAWSOMEocelot realizes a game created by Brett ten years ago

Above: Brett's starting to show his age. Or at least batman 5273 is, in this here picture

Above: lobsterhunt is one of the proud few to experience "The Touchening"

Above: nighthawk205 knows how hard it can be for two single dads to raise one Babyparez

Post date:July16,2010
T-Dar104 length: 2:21:07
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