Destiny's Age of Triumph trailer shows a last hurrah with the Vault of Glass and hints at how we'll get to Destiny 2

We've got a first look at Destiny's new event, Age of Triumph, and it certainly sounds like things are wrapping up ahead of Destiny 2 with 'the biggest record book yet' and a few other surprises. 

First up there's the Vault of Glass. The details in the trailer say your "Destiny adventure is about to come full circle" and the Vault and Vex feature heavily here. 

On top of that there's the promise (threat) of the 'biggest Record Book yet' at 13 pages. There's a few secrets hidden in there too with a Doom of Oryx quest spotted and what looks like class specific quests, as shown by this 'Hunter's Path' page.

People are reading a lot into this and what it might mean in terms of starting a whole new game when Destiny 2 arrives later this year. The talk of entering a new age, the Age of Triumph, and the talk of 'celebrating your legend' all sound very final. Some are interpreting this as the game using a whole new age to explain a complete reset. That last line from the Speaker, "we thank you Guardian, but we will never forget" certainly sounds like someone's not coming back. 

However, we know that your original Guardian is carrying over to Destiny 2 in terms of appearance at least. You won't get to keep gear or weapons, but the character will live on. Which gives us theory number two: the Vex's time travel stuff somehow throws us all into a new time period for the sequel. A new age. The Speaker and Destiny 1 is saying goodbye because we, as Guardians, have left that time. 

We'll find out more when Bungie livestreams the event on March 8 at 10AM PT. 

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