Spurious Awards Of The Week

Timing Of The Week

Now that Merlin is being broadcast so late on a Saturday night, the writers seem to be taking full advantage of the fact that the last five minutes are post-watershed. Who’d have thought four years ago the show would have a fisting gag?

Rubbish Effect Of The Week

The blue screen work and that CG octopus on Haven are fooling no-one.

Costume Designer Of The Week

Looks like Jean-Paul Gaultier has joined the Red Dwarf production team.

Fictional Break-Up Of The Week

Gillian Anderson denied all those recent rumours that she and David Duchovny were dating in a Guardian interview this week, but it seems she would have been happy to play along for a while if her old X-Files mate hadn’t revealed the truth first. “You mean me and David [Duchovny], romantically? No, there wasn't any truth in that. I was enjoying the ludicracy [sic] of it for a while, but then he started denying it publicly and so I lost all my enjoyment of it… I emailed him at one point and said: ‘You left the toilet seat up again.’”

Surprise Cameo Of The Week

We know David Tennant has become a bit of an advert whore recently, but we were still a bit surprised when a thinly-disguised 10th Doctor turned up in a car insurance ad that fell out of mag delivered to the office. “I am not an animal, I am Time Lord!”

Sing-A-Long Of The Week


Bizarre Concept For An Infographic Of The Week

Zombies Vs Floor Covering. Full marks to BuyFloors for thinking outside of the box.

SFX Sandwich Of The Week

Cheers to Crown Jules for alerting us to this fine bit of subliminal advertising.

Last Supper Of The Week

One day every telefantasy show will have its own Last Supper tribute . Here’s the latest, from Deviant Artist Sheilalala .

Cake Of The Week

Eye Of Mordor wedding cake, courtesy of Cake Central . Perfect for any Sam and Rosies getting married out there. Unless it brings back bad memories…

Yearbook Photos Of The Week

Supervillains Green Goblin, Bane, Loki, Venom, Two-Face, and Sinestro back in their high school days, courtesy of Deviant Artist GhostHause .

Scarecrow Of The Week

Begun the clone straws have. Just one of a bewildering number of Star Wars scarecrows to be found here . [via nodwick.com ]

Mash-Up Of The Week


Portal 2 meets Halo .

Rewritten History Of The Week

After 150 years, the truth is revealed. [via cheezburger.com ]

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