Spurious Awards Of The Week

Montage Of The Week

We remember the days when a spaceship rumbling overhead was the signature shot of any sci-fi film. Now it’s the three-point landing.

Bizarre Remakes Of The Week

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Robert Pattinson is having a bit of a change of image in David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis , and to celebrate the fact, Premiere France has produced a photoshoot of the Twilight heartthrob based on classic Cronenberg flicks, including Videodrome , Scanners and Dead Ringers . [via Blastr – where there are even more]

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Hissyfit Of The Week

In The Vampire Diaries , Klaus finds an ingenious way of getting round that “not being invited in” nonsense. We’d be surprised if this didn’t make it into our Top 20 TV Moments of 2012 come this December.

New Dalek Paradigm Of The Week

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Britain’s got something. We’re not sure it’s talent. Click on the image if you truly want to see the performance.

Cake Of The Week

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A cake of thrones, by The Bunny Baker , via Body Of A Geek Goddess .

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One-Man Band Of The Week

We can sense a meme coming on. Expect months of a cappella versions of the Game Of Thrones theme tune…

Hang On, It’s Started Already Of The Week

Yep, split screen a cappella is the next thing you’ll be sick of soon.

Unexpected Talent Of The Week

Yodelling Yoda – idiotic, pointless, asinine, childish. But you try not to snigger while watching it. [via GeeksAreSexy ]

Auto-Correct Gone Mad Of The Week

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The journalist in question, Lisa de Moreas, later blogged, "The nickname ‘Bandersnatch Cummerbund’ originated with one of the serious students of television who join me each Friday to chat about all things TV. We loved it then, we love it now. Oh… wink wink!" We think in this case “wink wink” most likely means, “I’m talking crap.”

Public Information Film Of The Week

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An interview with Robopocalypse author Daniel H Wilson with handy explanatory graphics. Wonder if this is actually an animatic for the Spielberg film?

Be Careful What You Wish For Of The Week

Statistics Of The Week

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Many a reviewer praised Joss Whedon for giving all the main characters in Avengers Assemble decent screen time, but Vulture went one step further and actually timed how much screen time each Avenger was given. See the results above.

Crib Sheet Of The Week

Know your Bond girls.

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And Finally Of The Week

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Keep your eye on artist Matt Kaufenberg’s page – it looks like there could be more of these.

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