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RadioRadar+ Podcast 65: Resident Evil 7 is that damn good

The Big Topic: Reeling from the resurrection of good Resident Evil.

Further Discussion: Did you know that Dragon Quest 8 is an amazing game? Also: here's what's up at PAX South.

What we’re into: Seriously. Dragon Quest 8 and Resident Evil 7 are good.

The impossible has happened: Capcom has made a big budget game that feels like a bold piece of the future rather than an exercise in high quality but still old ideas. This isn't the Capcom that botched Street Fighter 5's single-player options and online matchmaking. The Capcom that made Resident Evil 7 is the Capcom of old, making a horror game aware of and practiced in tradition but bold in its new risks. When we're done gushing about 2017 survival horror, we turn our eyes to the pleasures of PAX South and Dragon Quest 8, newly remade for Nintendo 3DS.

Anthony John Agnello (@ajohnagnello)
David Roberts (@davidrobots)
Susan Arendt (@susanarendt)

Intro: "Inspiration" by BoxCat Games, used under CC 3.0

Outro: "Forever Believe" by Jason Shaw, used under CC 3.0

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