A Miiverse update will give those wonderful drawings their own section

The Miiverse has long been your one-stop shop for semi-anonymous confessions and weird drawings tangentially related to Wii U and 3DS games. And it looks like it may be a better place to actually talk about games once Nintendo overhauls it this summer.

Replacing the all-in-one activity feed will be Play Journals: whenever you load up Miiverse while playing a game, the app will automatically append a screenshot to your post, encouraging players to talk about where they are and how they're playing. You can even save up to 100 of your screenshots in a private album.

Communities will offer dedicated Discussion sections for more general talk outside of the game. Neither the Play Journal nor the Discussion area will allow handwritten posts, but that doesn't mean the oddly skillful illustrations of Inklings as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure characters are going away - in fact, they'll have their own section in each game community, where popular drawings will rise to the top.

Sounds like a smart way to prevent truly remarkable pictures from being buried under "is this game any good" posts, though that odd mix of inane and sublime was always part of Miiverse's charm. The update will also ease restrictions on posting multiple times in quick succession, replacing them with a hard 30-posts-per-day limit (in-game posts, like getting up some new Splatoon graffiti, won't count against that total).

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