Game Boy and Virtual Boy graphics return... as does Pixel the Cat

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, I declared Pixel the Cat 'the greatest gaming heroyou've neverheard of'. Someone must have listened because he's got himself a second game.

Anyone with a fondness for retro style should rejoice - not only does Pix'n Love Rush look like an 8-bit platformer of yesteryear, but Pixel's even dropped the blue-only colour palette and gone for new (old) colours - including classic Game Boy green and black and Virtual Boy reds. How cool does this look?

The game is a successor of sorts to Pasta Games' Arkedo Series 03: PIXEL, which kicked up quite a stir when it launched on Xbox Live Arcade's Indie Games section late last year.

Above: 8-bit-style platforming with a MEOOWWW special attack

That game features a charming graphical style, sense of humour and some interesting gameplay ideas. The new game, however, looks to blend all of that with gameplay more akin to Arkedo Series 01: JUMP, which was all about collecting items in single screen and scrolling screen environments. It also appears to support OpenFeint, so Xbox Live-style achievements are a cert.

Watch the movie again, listen to the 8-bit music, take in the little animations of Pixel's ears and get your iPhone ready for its imminent release. That, or pray this makes the leap to PSP or DS.

06 May, 2010

Justin Towell

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