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Watch the Diablo 4 reveal and gameplay trailers to behold a "dark, gothic, and medieval version of Hell"

Diablo 4 is official, and it's built on three pillars: darkness, world, and legacy. Blizzard revealed the long-awaited followup to its action RPG series as the first part of its Blizzcon 2019 opening ceremony, telling fans that it would be a "dark, gothic, and medieval version of Hell" coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can catch the cinematic reveal trailer above, and the very first gameplay trailer below.

The cinematic trailer follows an adventuring party delving deep into some old place they definitely shouldn't be going. After a few backstabs and abandonments, they find themselves in an ancient chamber where a fiendish figure leads them to resurrect... Lilith. Yep, the leaks were right. She'll be the primary antagonist of Diablo 4, and her bloody new form looks suitably imposing.

But you're really here to watch a bunch of intrepid adventures slam their way through hordes of monsters, ideally from an isometric perspective, right? Here you go.

The gameplay trailer confirms the first three classes for Diablo 4: barbarian, sorceress, and druid. Our first look at their adventures instantly hearkens back to Diablo 2, with its darker color palette and more realistic-looking gear. That said, the over-the-top attacks and tumbling ragdolls of Diablo 3 also make a welcome return - nothing like bowling your way through a legion of floppy zombies. The trailer also confirms you'll be able to mount up on horses to make your way through the world, and the Blizzcon announcement even confirmed there will be dedicated PvP areas.

Blizzard hasn't announced any details for when it plans to release Diablo 4 yet, but we'll keep you updated on the biggest developments from Blizzcon 2019 as they roll out through the weekend.

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