Where to find Fiend Roses in Diablo 4

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Diablo 4 Fiend Roses are an integral crafting resource if you're looking to get the most out of your gear as you trek through Sanctuary. Naturally, this very rare plant isn't so easily collected in Diablo 4, with the Field Rose only blossoming en masse across the map once you've hit a couple of key conditions: You need to bring a class to level 50, wrap up the campaign, and complete the Kyovashad Capstone Dungeon to unlock World Tier 3.

The Fiend Rose in Diablo 4 is the resource you need to upgrade a gear piece and re-roll its stats, which will certainly help you progress along the Paragon Board in Diablo 4 as you begin pushing up against some of the more nightmarish World Tiers. So let's take a look at the main Diablo 4 Fiend Rose locations and the best ways to increase your chances of finding the plant.

Diablo 4 Fiend Rose locations

If you're wondering how to farm Fiend Roses in Diablo 4 you'll need to set your sights on locations where The Helltide Rises across Sanctuary. If you've completed the campaign, you'll notice that the Diablo 4 map is besieged by something called the Diablo 4 Helltide – limited-time events which necessitate you slaying a hell of a lot of enemies. The rare roses can often be found growing in these areas, so keep an eye out for withering branches that are holding red roses, but there are a few other ways you can get them too:

  • Fiend Roses grow in Helltide areas.
  • Fiend Roses can drop from enemies in Helltide areas.
  • Fiend Roses can drop from Silent chests.
  • Fiend Roses can drop from spawn from Tortured Gifts of Mystery Chests.

The Helltide locations aren't the only way that you can get your hands on the Fiend Rose in Diablo 4. There's a small chance that the Fiend Rose will spawn out of Silent Chests – although you'll need to use Diablo 4's Murmuring Obols to purchase more Whispering Keys if you want any chance of opening the rare chests.

Additionally, you may get lucky and find that a Fiend Rose will drop from the Tortured Gifts of Mystery which are located throughout the Helltide zones, but you'll have to do some additional work to pry them open. By killing enemies within these marked locations you'll find another special resource spawning called Aberrant Cinders – you'll need to collect 175 Cinders to unlock one of these special chests. Thankfully, there is a small chance that the Rose of Fiend resource will drop from these same enemies.

Once you have your hands on Fiend Roses, you'll be able to make better use of the Diablo 4 Aspects cluttering up your Codex of Power. While battling in the endgame, look out for Baleful Fragments and Abstruse Sigils in Diablo 4 too.

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