How to get Diablo 4 Whispering Keys to open Silent Chests

Diablo 4 Whispering Keys player standing in front of Silent Chest in tundra
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Diablo 4 Whispering Keys are required to open the Silent Chests which randomly spawn around Sanctuary, and you can obtain them by visiting the Purveyors of Curiosities found in the major cities. Silent Chests can provide a great way to get some fresh gear, and it's galling to stumble across one on your travels then find you don't have the necessary means to get it open. For that reason, I recommend stocking up on at least a few of these keys, as Silent Chests can contain Rare or Legendary Diablo 4 loot and it's easy to carry some keys around in reserve. Here's exactly where to get Whispering Keys in Diablo 4 and how you use them to open Silent Chests.

How to get Whispering Keys in Diablo 4

Purchasing Diablo 4 Whispering Keys from a Purveyor of Curiosities

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To get Whispering Keys in Diablo 4, you need to find a vendor called the Purveyor of Curiosities. There should be one in each major town, identified by their icon on the map - a coin bag with a question mark on it. These vendors sell Whispering Keys for 20 Murmuring Obols each – a special currency that only Purveyors of Curiosities trade in that is mainly earned from Local Events.

It's worth always having at least a couple of Diablo 4 Whispering Keys in your inventory in case you need them. However, since the loot in Silent Chests is down to RNG, you're not always guaranteed good stuff and randomized nature of the chests spawning means you can't effectively farm them for loot. so trade in any Obols you have when you see a Purveyor of Curiosities to get keys and clear out Obols respectively.

How to find Silent Chests in Diablo 4

A Silent Chest that needs Diablo 4 Whispering Keys to unlock

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Finding Silent Chests in Diablo 4 is completely down to chance as they can simply replace a regular chest at random. They also reset between sessions so if you don't open one you find, it won't be there after you log off.

This is why you should always try to make sure you have at least a couple of Diablo 4 Whispering Keys in your inventory to open any Silent Chests you come across immediately. Inside them you'll discover a selection of items of random rarities, ready to be equipped, sold, or turned into Diablo 4 salvage depending on how they stack up against your current gear.

As previously mentioned, don't blow all your Obols on Whispering Keys as these Silent Chests rarely dish out anything incredible, but it's never bad to open one up and scoop the loot inside especially to help you get good armor early on for Diablo 4 Vampiric Powers with Season 2.

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