How to get your Diablo 4 pre-order bonuses

Diablo 4 pre-order bonuses
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You might have Diablo 4 pre-order bonuses waiting for you if you purchased the game before it fully released, or if you've since bought either the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Editions of the game. Some of the items, such as the special Inarius emote are already unlocked and just need to be equipped, while other items, such as the mounts, need to be unlocked by making significant Diablo 4 story progress - don't expect to receive instant gratification from your buying choice! Here's exactly how you can get your Diablo 4 pre-order bonus items to use as you play.

How to get your Diablo 4 pre-order emote

Diablo 4 pre-order bonuses

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For those who bought the Ultimate edition early, there's an exclusive pre-order emote available named the Wings of the Creator Emote. When activated, this emote sees your character float up into the air, surrounded by wings of light, and hover for a few seconds before gracefully drifting back down to the ground like Inarius himself. This is available right from the start of your adventure, but in order to access it you'll first need to assign it to your Diablo 4 emotes wheel. To do that, tap D-Pad Up to reveal the emote wheel, then follow the Customize prompt and scrolls down the first Emotes tab list until you reach Wings of the Creator Emote. Press the Assign button, choose a slot from one of the three wheel pages that appear below, then confirm and it will be there ready for use.

How to get your Diablo 4 pre-order mounts

Diablo 4 pre-order bonuses

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If you purchased either the Ultimate or Digital Deluxe edition, then the following Diablo 4 pre-order mounts and armor are included in your rewards:

  • Caparison of Faith Mount Armor *
  • Light Bearer Mount *
  • Hellborn Carapace Mount Armor
  • Temptation Mount

    * (also included with Standard edition pre-orders)

However, unlike the pre-order emote, you'll need to make a decent amount of progress through the story before you can access them. As we lay out in our separate Diablo 4 horse guide, you have to progress towards the end of Act 3 in the main campaign before you return to the Cathedral of Light in Kyovashad and receive the Mount: Donan's Favor quest, which in turn will unlock your ability to obtain a horse. Once you own your first steed, you can then visit any of the Stable Masters in towns and use their services to collect your pre-order mounts or apply the mount armor customizations.

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