How to use Diablo 4 emotes

Diablo 4 emotes wheel radial menu with cheer emote highlighted
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To use Diablo 4 emotes, you need to open the emote radial menu and select one of the many gestures including greetings, goodbyes, and taunts, but this is barely explained at all - there is one Diablo 4 side quest in Kyovashad that acts as a tutorial but it's easily missed! This is particularly odd given how integral the emote wheel can be in PvP zones, completing quests like the Secret of the Spring quest, activating Diablo 4 Faded Plaques, and even knowing how to exit dungeons in Diablo 4. Here I'm going to lay out how you use the emote wheel in Diablo 4 and how to assign emotes for quick use later on. 

How to use emotes in Diablo 4

Setting the wait emote for the Diablo 4 Secret of the Spring quest

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If you want to use a Diablo 4 emote, press D-Pad Up on controller or press E on your keyboard to bring up the emote radial menus, then choose the emote you want to activate it for all to see. Try the 'Raising Spirits' side quest near the Cathedral of Light to see how you can use emotes in quests. Furthermore, you can switch between the main emote menu and two others to find the right emote out of the ones you have available.

By default, there are many blank slots in the other two radial emote menus, but you'll notice that there's a 'Customize' button when you open the emote menu. Hit this and a new menu will open that allows you to assign any emotes you have unlocked to specific slots in the three radial menus. Use this to change the positions of emotes or even add in new ones to deck out your gesturing capabilities. You can even assign consumable Elixirs to quickly chug one via the emote wheel rather than going through your inventory.

All Diablo 4 emotes

Diablo 4 PvP screenshots

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There are currently 12 basic emotes in Diablo 4 which are available to all players from the beginning of the game. However, there are some additional options when considering all Diablo 4 emotes – such as Mark for Blood, which is used for Diablo 4 PvP, and Wings of the Creator, which came with the Ultimate Edition of the game. 

Here are all the emotes in Diablo 4:

  • Bye
  • Cheer
  • Follow
  • Hello
  • Help
  • Point
  • Sorry
  • Taunt
  • Thanks
  • Wait
  • Wave
  • Yes
  • Leave Dungeon
  • Mark for Blood (PvP)
  • Wings of the Creator (Ultimate Edition)

Here are the premium Diablo 4 emotes, available as part of bundles on the store:

  • Arise! (Death Throes bundle)
  • Aberrant Oculus (Elder Symbology bundle)
  • Easy Money (Weights and Measures bundle)
  • Poor Yorrick (Duality manifest bundle)
  • Power Unleashed (Sorcery Binding bundle)
  • The Nine Tails (Atonement measures bundle)
  • To War! (The Lion's Share bundle)
  • Wolfsong (Tools of the Hunt bundle)

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