How to leave Diablo 4 dungeons quickly

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To leave a Diablo 4 dungeon, there are three different fast travel methods you can use to make a quick exit or end up safely in the a capital city. While dungeons typically contain great loot, like Diablo 4 Aspects, they're also packed with horrible monsters, demons, and undead trying to kill you. Therefore you might need to bail if things prove to be too tough or if you need to make some quick adjustments and visit particular Diablo 4 vendors. Or perhaps you've just completed a dungeon and want to make a quick exit. Well here's what you need to know about how to leave dungeons in Diablo 4.

How to get out of dungeons in Diablo 4

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There are three different methods you can use to exit dungeons in Diablo 4, whether it's because you want a rapid escape after clearing everything out, or if you need to offload loot, get upgrades, or seek emergency healing midway through a dungeon dive. Do note that these Diablo 4 fast travel methods won't always be available, usually during boss fights and big combat encounters that cause fog walls to block off doorways and prevent your escape - always make sure you’ve definitely cleared out the dungeon as best you can. Here are three ways you can use to easily leave a dungeon in Diablo 4:

  • Fast travel to the closest capital city in your current region. By pressing D-Pad Down on controller, you can reach places such as Kyovashad, Cerrigar, or Ked Bardu. This is great for bailing out of dungeons to drop off gear that's clogging your inventory or get adjust your build in peace. You can use the portal to get back to where you left off in the dungeon.
  • Fast travel to the nearest waypoint on the map. If you need to visit an NPC at a settlement for a side quest or other service, you can directly fast travel to waypoints you've discovered by clicking them on the map. Otherwise, it's probably best to get to a capital city.
  • Fast travel to the dungeon’s entrance on the map or use the ‘Leave Dungeon’ emote. Open the map and select the entrance to the dungeon. This will teleport you to just outside the entrance in the overworld. Alternatively, open your emote wheel and choose the ‘Leave Dungeon’ emote to teleport out to the same place. If you just want to get out of the dungeon without having to walk out, use this method.

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