How to use Diablo 4 fast travel and all Waypoint locations

Diablo 4 fast travel
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Diablo 4 fast travel and unlocking Waypoints are crucial to getting around the world of Sanctuary because it's huge and you'll be spending exploring. Many of the essential merchants and services you need to regularly access in Diablo 4 are found in just a few major towns and capital cities, so the last thing you want to do is spend ages trekking between towns in search of what you need. It'll also speed up completing quests as you can fast travel around different areas to get closer to where you need. Below, we've laid out the locations of Diablo 4 Waypoints, explained how Return Town Portals work, and everything else you need to know about fast travel in Diablo 4.

How to fast travel in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 fast travel

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First of all, you need to unlock fast travel in Diablo 4 by unlocking Waypoints, which can be found in various settlements you discover while exploring Sanctuary - they are round, stone plates in the ground with circle and triangle markings. They initially appear on your map as a gray icon, but if you activate them by standing on the plate and following the prompt, they turn bright blue and can be used. The first Waypoint you can unlock is in the center of Kyovashad.

You can fast travel to any of the Diablo 4 Waypoints you've unlocked by opening the map and selecting a Waypoint to begin teleporting to it. For a quick and easy Diablo 4 fast travel method, you can tap D-Pad Down, which will begin teleporting you to the nearest capital – that's Kyovashad for Fractured Peaks and Cerrigar for Scosglen, for example. You can cancel any fast travel teleporting by moving your character or attacking, in case you triggered it by accident.

Diablo 4 fast travel

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Whichever way you fast travel in Diablo 4, you'll emerge from a Return Town Portal at your destination. This portal will persist while you stay within the Waypoint's location, and by going back through, you'll be teleported to your previous location. This is handy for quickly getting back to where to left off, be it in the wilderness or in a dungeon, so you can continue exploring, especially if you travelled in from an area that doesn't have any nearby Waypoints. However, if you leave the confines of the town you fast travelled to then this Return Town Portal will close, preventing you from getting back to your previous location.

All Diablo 4 Waypoints

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On the map above you can see all of the Diablo 4 Waypoints marked that we've discovered so far, representing every possible fast travel point bar a couple that are locked behind Strongholds or other gated areas. In total, there are 35 Diablo 4 fast travel Waypoints divided across each region, so here's a list of them all with the capital cities in bold:

  • Fractured Peaks: Kyovashad, Nevesk, Yelesna, Margrave, Menestad, Bear Tribe Refuge, Nostrava
  • Scosglen: Cerrigar, Firebreak Manor, Tur Dulra, Marowen, Braestaig, Corbach, Tirmair, Under the Fat Goose Inn
  • Dry Steppes: Ked Bardu, Farobru, Fate's Retreat, Hidden Overlook, Ruins of Qara-Yisu, Jirandai, Alzuuda, The Onyx Watchtower
  • Kehjistan: Gea Kul, Tarsarak, Denshar, Imperial Library, Iron Wolves Encampment, Altar of Ruin
  • Hawezar: Zarbinzet, Wejinhani, The Tree of Whispers, Ruins of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court, Vyeresz, Backwater

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