Diablo 4 quest log: How to use the journal to track quests

Diablo 4
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Completing Diablo 4 quests and using the quest log is integral to seeing the story through to the end and mopping up all sorts of side quests and tutorials on offer in Sanctuary. The open world and light MMO sensibilities introduced to the series with Diablo 4 means that there's more to keep track of than ever, so you'll want to make good use of the quest log or ‘Journal’– if you can find the damn thing. I’ve got you covered if you need to know how to find your Diablo 4 quest log, how to track quests, and what all the different Diablo 4 quest types are.

How to use the Diablo 4 quest log

Diablo 4

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To open your Diablo 4 quest log and journal, open the map screen and click the white arrow in a red circle on the right side of the screen, or press D-Pad Left if you’re using a controller, to open the journal. Doing this will expand the journal and you'll see all of the quests that you’ve have available or have started.

From your quest log list, which is divided into Campaign quests (yellow), Side Quests (blue), and Priority Quests (white), you can scroll up and down and click a quest to begin actively tracking it. This will highlight it on the map and will pin the current objective to your UI just under the mini-map. Make sure you’re checking your Diablo 4 quests frequently so that you’ve always for something to work towards and make progress with.

Diablo 4 quests

Diablo 4

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Now that you know how the Diablo 4 quest log works and how it can be used to track whatever quests you want to complete, you need to know what the different types of quests are and how they work:

  • Campaign quests: quests that tell the main story of Diablo 4. These quests are grouped into longer narrative-focused questlines that form Acts. Diablo 4’s story is told across a prologue, Acts 1-6, and an epilogue, which works out at around 100 individual quests. After completing the prologue and Diablo 4 Rite of Passage quest, you’ll gain access to Acts 1-3, which can be theoretically completed in any order, but level restrictions mean its best to follow everything in order.
  • Side quests: Sanctuary is full of side quests marked by a blue exclamation point – typically you start them by speaking to an NPC or collecting an object near this marker. Do note that you can have up to 20 side quests logged in your Diablo 4 journal at any one time. Side quests are usually simple tasks such as making a delivery, killing a bunch of enemies, or delving into a cellar or dungeon to retrieve some family heirloom. Quests like Diablo 4 Secret of the Spring, Reject the Mother, and Keeping the Old Traditions are all side quests.
  • Priority quests: These tutorial quests are given to you automatically, usually when you reach a certain level or complete a quest or activity, and unlock new mechanics, systems, and upgrades in Diablo 4. Don’t ignore them as they can help you use Diablo 4 gems, teach you how to upgrade Diablo 4 healing potions, and get you a Diablo 4 horse. Each character class also gets a unique Priority quest that unlocks the class’s unique mechanics – for example, Spirit Boons used for some of the best Diablo 4 Druid builds.

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