Diablo 4 map and all regions of Sanctuary

Diablo 4 player travelling through swamps of Hawezar region with fire
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The Diablo 4 map is huge and features diverse biomes across the five regions of Sanctuary, from the frozen Fractured Peaks to the scorching Dry Steppes. You'll venture through all these regions as you play through the Diablo 4 story, completing quests and diving into dungeons in search of the best loot and ways to thwart Lilith's plans. However, most of the map is made up of twisting paths that can be a quite difficult to navigate, sometimes leading you on long detours, but with this complete Diablo 4 map you should be able to explore relatively easily. 

Diablo 4 full Sanctuary map

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Diablo 4 takes place across five connected regions in the world of Sanctuary. You’ll start your journey towards the middle of the map in the frigid Fractured Peaks but you can more or less freely explore once you’ve reached the capital of Kyovashad and have completed the prologue. If you're looking for an interactive map to keep track of your progress, this one from mapgenie proved to be very useful!

Diablo 4 regions

While it might be tempting to go off and explore beyond the Fractured Peaks at first, be aware that level restrictions will make certain areas within the regions harder at first. Eventually, every location scales to your level anyway so there's always an appropriate challenge to face. Here are the five regions and some rough guidelines on what level you should be when entering, although you will find that some areas have areas of lower levels or even significantly higher levels:

  • Fractured Peaks: level 1+
  • Scosglen: level 10+
  • Dry Steppes: level 15+
  • Kehjistan: level 20+
  • Hawezar: level 35+

As you explore new locations within the regions, the fog covering the map will gradually clear and certain discoveries will remain marked on the map – for example, dungeons, strongholds, Waypoints for Diablo 4 fast travel, and any vendors in towns and cities are permanently marked on the map. Diablo 4 Altars of Lilith remain marked on the map ,but only after you’ve discovered them, and cellars only appear on the map when you’re nearby.

Also, an important note on strongholds: these are high-level areas compared to the rest of a region, and they always remain two levels higher than your current level, even when you catch up. This makes them especially difficult, so be aware when wandering into a stronghold!

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