How to get Diablo 4 Murmuring Obols and use them

Diablo 4 Obols spending at Purveyor of Curiosities
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Diablo 4 Murmuring Obols are one of the game's main currencies, unlike Gold, you can't get it from almost anywhere as they only drop from Local Events. Once you've gathered up some Obols, although be aware that you can hold a limited number of them - you can spend them on randomized Diablo 4 gear items at Purveyors of Curiosities. If you've got some burning a hole in your money pouch, here are all the details on where you can spend your Diablo 4 Murmuring Obols, what you can buy with them, and how to get more.

Where to spend Diablo 4 Murmuring Obols

To spend your hard-earned Murmuring Obols in Diablo 4, you need to visit vendors called Purveyors of Curiosities. There’s one purveyor in each of the five capital cities and a couple of others in smaller settlements – the two that you’ll likely find first are in Kyovashad and Yelesna.

Diablo 4 Obols spending at Purveyor of Curiosities

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Once you’ve found a Purveyor of Curiosities, you can effectively gamble your Obols on randomized weapons, armor, and other gear items that are relevant to your class. In exchange for your Obols, you’ll receive a piece of gear with random affixes and other stats – it could be an incredible Legendary item or something terrible that you’ll sell or salvage immediately. As well as gear, you can also buy Diablo 4 Whispering Keys for Silent Chests – no gambling Obols for these, thankfully. Here’s a list of every item category you can buy and the Obol cost:

  • Two-handed Weapon (Axes and Hammers for example) – 75 Obols
  • One-handed Weapon (Axes, Maces, and Swords for example) – 50 Obols
  • Off-hand Weapons (Druid Totems, for example) – 40 Obols
  • Helm – 40 Obols
  • Chest Armor – 40 Obols
  • Gloves – 40 Obols
  • Boots – 40 Obols
  • Pants – 40 Obols
  • Whispering Key – 20 Obols

How to farm Diablo 4 Murmuring Obols and increase your capacity

Murmuring Obols can only be earned by completing World Events in Diablo 4, and you always get 35 Obols in each event loot chest! Furthermore, completing the event’s mastery challenge improves the loot you get but does not increase the number of Obols you receive. You can check how many Obols you have by looking in the ‘Stats & Materials’ section of your Character menu.

Diablo 4 Obols rewards from completed Insatiable Hunger world event

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The best way to quickly farm Obols is to find and complete any World Events you can, fast travel back to the capital of the region you’re in, then go back out and find more events to complete. Although, it’s important to remember that you can hold up to 500 Obols at once, and there are only a couple of ways you can increase your Obol carrying capacity:

  • Some Altars of Lilith increase your Obol capacity by five.
  • Reaching Region Level 4 increases you Obol capacity by 80. If you reach level 4 in all five regions, that’s an extra 400 Obols you can carry.

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