Diablo 4 Ashava World Boss location and how to beat it

Diablo 4 Ashava
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Diablo 4 Ashava, The Pestilent, is a horrific World Boss monster that you can battle in various arenas across Sanctuary for a chance at incredible Legendary loot. As a World Boss, Ashava only spawns at specific times as well as specific locations so you won't be able to farm Ashava over and over for loot. Bringing down such a colossal Diablo 4 boss is also a huge challenge, so you'll need to make sure you're at a high enough level, you've got plenty of fellow players to help, and you're equipped with a great build to help you in the battle. Here's everything you need to know about fighting the Diablo 4 Ashava World Boss, including when and where it can spawn, tips on how to defeat it, and the rewards you can get.

Ashava spawn locations and times in Diablo 4

Ashava is one of the World Bosses in Diablo 4 that can spawn at five World Boss battle arenas around Sanctuary. One World Boss spawns in roughly every 6-8 hours. The five locations Ashava can spawn are:

Diablo 4 World boss arena locations marked on map

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  • The Crucible in Fractured Peaks. It's in the far east of the region and is roughly northeast of Yelesna.
  • Caen Adar in Scosglen. On the north coast of the region, directly north of Corbach and roughly northeast of Cerrigar.
  • Saraan Caldera in Dry Steppes. Towards the southeast of the Dry Steppes next to the border with the Fractured Peaks near Nevesk, and northeast of the Ruins of Qara Yisu.
  • Seared Basin in Kehjistan. Towards the northeast of Kehjistan. The arena is north of Tarsarak in Kehjistan and roughly southeast of Jirandai in the Dry Steppes.
  • Fields of Desecration in Hawezar. Near the southwest corner of Hawezar and southeast of Zarbinzet.

You should keep an eye on this excellent boss timer and tracker which tries to accurately predict when the next World Boss, including Ashava, will spawn. If you've not yet completed the campaign of Diablo 4, you won't get 30-minute warnings telling you that a World Boss is going to spawn and where it'll be. However, this boss timer will give you that information instead, and you can still fight Ashava, or other World Boss, even if you've not completed the story.

Tips for beating Ashava in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Ashava World boss monster slamming the ground while being attacked by many players

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There aren't many restrictions for facing off against Ashava, The Pestilent, but it is not a Diablo 4 World Boss you should be attempting to bring down at a low level - we recommend at least Level 30. It's also advisable to party up for some guaranteed help and coordination, but you should be matched with other players thanks to Diablo 4 crossplay, so it's unlikely you'll ever face Ashava alone.

Ashava has a massive amount of health, and this battle is much more of a marathon than a sprint. Don't just charge head first at it and start whacking it with melee weapons or spells - while there is a time limit, you can take your time and carefully wear down Ashava. Avoid this ferocious beast's head and either poke away with ranged attacks or strike its back and sides. The arenas are huge too, so don't be afraid to get away from Ashava to recuperate and heal up as your allies continue to deal damage.

Diablo 4 Ashava World boss surrounded by pools and clouds of dark, sickly green poison

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Because of Ashava's size, its attacks are quite slow and clearly telegraphed but are extremely powerful - dodge too late and you can take massive damage and burn through your Diablo 4 Healing Potions, or get killed instantly. Watch out for its wide half and full turn swipes, ground pounds, and lethal bite attack. As "The Pestilent" suggests, Ashava also loves to deal lots of poison damage with deadly pools of poisonous goop, so any poison resistance boosts, perhaps from some Diablo 4 Emeralds, would be useful.

Diablo 4 Ashava rewards

Diablo 4 Ashava World boss defeated with loot on the ground

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Slay the Diablo 4 Ashava World Boss within the time limit and you'll be generously rewarded. Armor, weapons, jewelry - all up to Legendary and Unique rarities - Gold, XP, and Scattered Prisms can all drop from Ashava. If Ashava is the first World Boss that you defeat in a week, you'll also get a Grand Cache of Ashava's Spoils which holds more loot, including even more Legendary gear, Gold, and Gems.

If you also happened to defeat Ashava at Level 20 during the Diablo 4 Server Slam beta before the game's full launch, you should have got the exclusive Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy. This gives you one of Ashava's giant claws to hang from your horse, so you can show off your World Boss slaying skills to anyone you encounter on your travels. As far as we are aware, there is no way to get this reward in the full game.

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