How does Diablo 4 transmog work?

Diablo 4 standing next to large wardrobe for changing character outfits
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With Diablo 4 transmog, you can change the appearance of your character's equipped armor without altering the stats, buffs, and abilities at a wardrobe - very handy for fashion-conscious demon slayers. You can even have multiple saved outfits for your characters in Diablo 4, so you'll never have to worry about looking like you've fallen into a fancy dress box for an optimized class build. Here's exactly how you can dress up your dungeon delver with Diablo 4 transmog.

How to use transmog in Diablo 4

Wardrobe options for Diablo 4 transmog

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To use transmog in Diablo 4, you need to access the wardrobe next to your stash in your lodgings. You'll find this within cities, so the first time you can try this out is when you arrive in Kyovashad. Open the wardrobe and you'll be presented with a list of your armor and items, then when you choose the one you want to customize you'll be prompted to Select a Variant from the following options:

  • Default Look
  • Unequipped Look
  • Any other unlocked Looks

Default Look is the original appearance of the armor or item, while Unequipped Look will make it disappear while still allowing you to receive the benefits of the armor or use the item. Following those are all of the other unlocked Looks you've obtained through the Diablo 4 salvage process, by breaking down armor and items marked in your inventory as "Unlocks new look on salvage" at a Blacksmith. With your look chosen, you can also Select a Pigment to customize the color scheme of that specific piece, or hold down that prompt to apply the scheme to your whole outfit.

Finally, when you're away from your wardrobe on your adventures, it's still possible to toggle the Diablo 4 transmog options you've chosen on and off. To do this, open your inventory and highlight the customized armor or item, then follow the transmog prompt to activate or deactivate it.

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