How to respec in Diablo 4 and change your Skills

Diablo 4 Druid Skill tree with spare respec Skill Points to use
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With a respec in Diablo 4, you can reassign your Skill Points and completely change your Skills and build, but it'll cost you some Gold. All you need to do is open your character's Abilities menu and then the Skill Tree and you can start refunding individual Skill Points or even totally remove all your Skills and start from the top of the tree. Respecializing is great for experimenting with different Skills to perfect your Diablo 4 build or even entirely change it if you're not having a good time or just fancy something new. Here are the full details on the Diablo 4 respec process.

How to respec your character in Diablo 4

How to respec in Diablo 4

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To respec in Diablo 4, you simply need to access the Skill Tree menu - a huge change from the previous games where you had to visit a specific NPC. When highlighting a Skill node you've already purchased, you'll see the Refund Cost displayed underneath it, then by holding down the Refund button you'll pay the gold to get the Skill Point(s) back so you can spend them elsewhere.

You can respec Skill Points whenever and wherever you are, and the only limit on the number of times you can respec Skills is how much Gold you have. Respec-ing is free when you're a lower level but eventually you'll have to pay Gold for each Skill you respec, and this cost increases as you level up. If you've passed Level 50, you can also respec your Diablo 4 Paragon Board, but this can get incredibly expensive, so make sure you plan your Paragon unlocks!

Alternatively, if you're after a full reset, tap the 'Refund All' button, which will tell you you how many Skill Points you'll receive along with the total cost in Gold – you can then choose to accept this and refund everything, or back out and pick individual nodes to refund instead.

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