Blizzard says there are "no plans" for Diablo 4 Game Pass launch

Diablo 4's villain Lilith walks toward the screen in a dark church
(Image credit: Blizzard)

Diablo 4 on Game Pass? Don't hold your breath, as Blizzard has confirmed there are "no plans" for such a thing at the moment.

Blizzard has given no indication that Diablo 4 would be a Game Pass game, whether that be a day one launch or a later addition, but now we know for sure that isn't happening - at least not any time soon. In a tweet hyping up the imminent Diablo 4 Early Access beta, franchise boss Rod Fergusson addressed the topic in no uncertain terms. "We've been getting some questions about D4 on Game Pass and I want to let you know we have no plans for that," he said.

Of course, it's always worth reminding that "no plans" doesn't mean "never happening," and studio heads tend to choose their words deliberately, so it's still too soon to rule out the possibility of a Diablo 4 Game Pass release entirely - especially when you consider Xbox's Activision Blizzard purchase has shown no signs of falling through despite concerns from regulators.

Diablo 4 is hosting a closed beta weekend just for folks who pre-ordered the game from Friday, March 17 to Sunday, March 19. An open beta for everyone else is happening the following weekend, from March 24-26. And if you're thinking of skipping the beta to wait for the full release on June 2, you should know there's a ludicrously cute Diablo 4 wolf baby backpack at stake.

If you can't get enough hack-and-slashing, here are some games like Diablo to play while you wait for the forthcoming sequel.

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