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You may not have a Wookiee for a partner in Visceral's Star Wars game but she still sounds pretty cool

A new rumor indicates that the hero of Visceral's Star Wars game won't work alone. Mild spoiler warning ahead: previously informed us of a possible identity for the lead character - an Alderaanian draft dodger turned Outer Rim criminal - and now it's cued us in to his potential partner in crime: Robie Mattox.

According to the report, Mattox is a gunslinger in her early thirties and is one of the few people in the galaxy that Dodger trusts. She's another Star Wars Orphan(™) and apparently she doesn't like droids, which puts her at odds with Dodger's trusty medical droid Doc. A few lifesaving procedures should clear that right up, though.

Actress Natalie Morales appears to play Robie Mattox in "most" of the concept art that was made privy to, though it's too early to say whether her likeness will actually be used in the game or if the artists just liked her as a starting point. Apparently Mattox's whole look has a very Dr. Aphra-like vibe, if you follow that particular Star Wars comic.

Visceral's Star Wars game is currently slated to arrive some time in 2018, though EA has said very little about it in an official capacity so far. We'll probably find out more after Star Wars Battlefront 2 arrives in November.

Images: Lucasfilm/Disney

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