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The most hardcore casual game EVER!

Tired of getting your ass kicked by all those vertical shooter the dinosaurs of the gaming press keep telling you are “awesome” and “classic?” TryBloons Super Monkey, a ridiculously amazing, ultra-addictiveFREE flashshooter where you can never die. It’s got all the thrills of the classic ship shooters like Radiant Silvergun, as well as Gradius style power-ups and a risk-to-greed ratio a laGeometry Wars 2 or Everyday Shooter.

Above: Mouse controls make for one of the most precise shooters we've ever played!

Don’t you dareshrug off the puffy, kid-friendly visuals! Just because the Bloons (balloons) don’t shoot back or kill you doesn’t mean the screen won’t fill up things to strategically annihilate. It’s got the browser-choking intensity of Ikaruga, onlywithout all thatpesky andpersistent death!Click hereto play it free of charge and wave goodbye to your productivity.

PRO TIP: Hit ESC at any time to purchase upgrades – you do not have to wait until the end of the level!

Mar 24, 2010

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