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Spurious Awards Of The Week

Doctor Who, Hungry Hungry Hippos, '70s-style Avengers, Batman, Star Trek overload and more... [potentially NSFW]

Genuine Time Traveller Of The Week

When Matt Smith met The Beatles .

Unexpected Heroes Of The Week

Fox, for renewing the superb Fringe for 13 more episodes . (Still doesn't make up for Firefly , though...)

Team-Up Of The Week

The Avengers , 1978 style! Including cameo appearance by the best Hawkeye of them all.

Best Stealth Use Of A Rude Word In A 12A Film Of The Week

Loki calls Black Widow a "mewling quim" in Marvel's Avengers Assemble .

Most Embarrassing Boxart Of The Week

You sure that "10 out of 10" is definitely a better title than Batman: Arkham City ? Okay then.

Best Way To Break Your Eyes And Brain All At Once

56 episodes of Star Trek watched simultaneously. Nice one.

Pop Video Of The Week

The band Hot Problems fronted by the entire cast of Star Wars .

Best Boardgame-Inspired Movie Of The Week

No, not Battleship . (Thanks Crushable and @NobbyNobody and @El_Gnome .)

Sex Toy Of The Week

Possibly not an official BBC spin-off product :

House Makeover Programme Of The Week

Channel 4's Get Your House In Order visits a Doctor Who collector. (Sorry, tons of adverts in this.)

That's your lot. Enjoy your weekend!