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Cat playing iPad still not as funny as these...

What is it about animals mimicking human behaviour that's so fascinating? Seeing a cat scroll through screens of iPad apps looking for the one he was just playing with is simply awesome. He looks a bit confused at first, mind. Probably wondering how he can possibly interact with it without using a mouse. Ba-boom tish.

Great though the video is, Iggy here barely scratched the surface of iPad's functionality (despite his claws). Other animals have done far more impressive things. Ever seen a Macaw play EndWar? Or a dog do a 360 spin on a Tony Hawk's RIDE board?

Above: That 360 spin is just amazing. And the game understands macaws

We've got both those things and more. In fact, we've got 9 awesome animals we think are funnier than Iggy's dalliance with touch-screen tech. Click here to see them all.

19 Apr, 2010

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