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Call of Duty 2 has way better performance with Xbox One backwards compatibility

Call of Duty 2 is looking very, very good on Xbox One backwards compatibility. The gaming tech experts at Digital Foundry ran the above analysis and found that the Xbox 360 game has significantly smoother performance on Xbox One emulation than on its native hardware. With minimal drops from a smooth 60 frames-per-second cap, even in tricky scenes with a bunch of soldiers and smoke effects, this looks like the definitive way to play Call of Duty 2 on consoles.

It's fascinating to think about the performance and fidelity games like Halo 4 managed to squeeze out of Xbox 360 when Call of Duty 2, a much more visually modest launch title, often struggled. That's what roughly 7 years of live experience with the hardware will do for you. Then Xbox One comes along as the great equalizer more than a decade later. It's enough to make you all misty, assuming you're really into optimizing frame rates.

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