The Video Zone - Episode 8

Out there gamer vids from the cyberdepths

Oct 15, 2007

Halloween is upon us and with that comes dressing up as either your favorite characters from pop culture, trying a spin on a phrase or clich%26eacute; (Cereal Killer or Manifest Destiny works) or if you%26rsquo;re a girl, possibly a slutty nurse or zombie sock-hop girl. Did we get you pegged? Well, don%26rsquo;t get sad at your incredible lack of creativity; just hop on board the mighty world of the internets and look for something better. When you%26rsquo;re done, pop on back and read up on the finest gaming vids to hit the ol%26rsquo; WWW. What does this have to do with Halloween? Absolutely nothing, but seriously, all those ideas have been done. Move on, people.

Path of Death

Some of Ratchet %26amp; Clank: Up Your Arsenal's skill points were impossible to get. Here%26rsquo;s one of the hardest, as earned by an internet man. His rambling narration%26rsquo;s a bit mad however, so turn the sound off.

Home Beta walkthrough

If you weren%26rsquo;t picked to be part of Sony%26rsquo;s Home beta trial, don%26rsquo;t worry. This video runs through pretty much everything it had to offer. Shame about that awful rock ballad soundtrack.

PS3 in Heroes

Spoiler warning! If you haven%26rsquo;t seen episode 18 of Heroes yet, skip forward 45 seconds to the scene where boy genius Micah and his split-personalitymother play Heavenly Sword on a PlayStation 3.

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