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Achtung! PC Gamer is giving away Dino D-Day for FREE!

Free games are awesome. Our friends over at PC Gamer know that, which is why they've got hold of one million FREE copies of Dino D-Day to give away this week. Don't ask us how they got hold of these codes--let's just assume it has NOTHING to do with that poor developer they've got chained to a radiator in the basement of our offices... So, anyway, Dino D-Day is a deliciously mad shooter where you play as WW2 soldiers sent to kill a bunch of Nazi dinosaurs. I'm not making this up. The stuff about the developer chained to a radiator--sure, that isn't true. The Nazi dinosaur thing? That really is what happens in the game. Don't forget: there are a million Steam Keys to be claimed, so head over and grab one now.

Why are we telling you about it on GamesRadar? Because we want you guys and girls to have a free game. And what's with all your questions, anyway? Suspicious bunch, aren't you. Next you'll be accusing me of recycling jokes...

PC Gamer is giving away five games over five weeks, so keep an eye on their site for more great swag.