The Video Zone - Episode 7

Aug 17, 2007

The summer's coming to a close; you're hobbling back from vacation and eager to start schlepping your book-filled backpack to school again, right? Wait, you don't like school? And you prefer not to spend eight hours away from the internet? Well, we can't help you there - reading is fundamental and all - but just in case you're ready to depart from reality and check back in to the wonderful world of online goodness, we have a few choice videos ready for your pleasure.

Don't cut class though (your mom will be super pissed).

Dance, Voldo, dance

There are a few videos making the most of the Soul Calibur gimp-monster's acrobatic ability, but this one's the best choreographed. As long as you can stand the Black Eyed Peas.

Ultimate Utopia XXIII

What RPGs would be like if they happened in the real world - i.e. you'd troop into strangers' houses with a group of friends and they'd be forced to stand there as you steal their stuff.

Resident Evil 2 mit LEGO

The introductory zombie attack from Resident Evil 2, flawlessly recreated with tiny yellow men. The dialogue's in German, but you don't need to sprechen sie Deutsche to chortle.

Street Fighter pwnage

The best Street Fighter performance ever captured on film. Top-rank player Daigo averts certain death by parrying all 17 hits of Chun Li's super attack before striking back. Awesome.

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