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The Mini NES starts Playing With Power in this retro-rad commercial

Apparently Nintendo felt the old-school packaging for the NES Classic Edition wasn't '80s enough on its own, so it's put together a new trailer bursting with star fields, glowing neon, and - most importantly - the slogan that started it all. Now you're playing with power.

The hype for the $59.99 / £49.99 mini-system is starting early: it still won't be released until November 11 in the US and UK. You can find plenty of other multi-game systems lining the shelves of gift shops and electronics stores, but Nintendo's already jockeying to make its first step into the market a holiday phenomenon. You should consider pre-ordering before then if you want one, is what I'm saying.

Just remember that it's a standalone (admittedly adorable) system. If the 30 included games don't catch your interest, then you'd better wait for the tiny Super Nintendo and itty bitty Virtual Boy. Hey, it could happen!

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