The first Sonic Forces gameplay trailer looks like more 3D Sonic, for better or worse

Remember that new 3D Sonic game Sega teased last year with a cinematic trailer? The one that isn't Sonic Mania? It has an official name now - Sonic Forces - and even some footage of the actual game in action. Without further ado, here's your first look at Sonic Forces.

Oh, er, sorry. That was actually the City Escape level from Sonic Adventure 2. Here's the actual trailer, which should also explain why I got them mixed up.

More explosions and less disregard for civilian life in Sonic Forces, but the fundamentals look very similar after all these years. To be fair, the CGI debut trailer also showed that Classic Sonic (aka chubby Sonic with black eyes instead of green) will have a role to play in Sonic Forces but he doesn't show up in this gameplay snippet at all. Sonic Generations swapped from side-scrolling stages to forward-running levels and Sonic Forces may have similar tricks up its oversized white gloves.

Sonic Forces is still set to hit PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One in time for the holidays this year so we'll likely find out more soon.

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