SpyToy UK release confirmed

After , Sony has finally announced that the blackmail-tastic bit of software will be released in the UK in September.

Developed by Sony's EyeToy specialists London Studios, SpyToy comprises a selection of surveillance modes that includes snazzy face-recognition technology, meaning that it's possible to create profiles that can only be unlocked by certain users, allowing you to come up with 'personalised' alarms.

Meanwhile, video and audio recordings can be saved to memory card and fast-forwarded, rewound, played in slow motion and edited as is your wont. SpyToy will also capture digital still images at an improved resolution of 640x480 pixels.

Finally, a selection of espionage-themed minigames sees players having to negotiate missions where they will need to use photo fits, break codes, skydive, disarm bombs and zoom into locations via satellite to try and uncover a criminal mastermind intent on taking over the world. Crikey.

SpyToy will be released for PS2 in September