Spurious Awards Of The Week

Prequel We’d Love To See Of The Week

The moment in BBC Three’s smart new zombie show In The Flesh when Bill Macy urged his mates to raise a glass to the fallen heroes of the HVF certainly took us by surprise. Now we want to see the sequel: Deer & Goat: Zombie Hunters .

Get A Room Please! Of The Week

Looks like Bonnie the witch is having a good old tug on Jeremy’s broom handle in The Vampire Diaries .

Easiest Puzzle Of The Week

The characters in the US episode of Touch this week couldn’t work out what this was supposed to be until they held it up to a mirror. Oh come on, it’s hardly a magic eye picture is it?

Bizarre Gardening Accident Of The Week

Lost Girl ’s Tamsin has clearly been a bit snap happy with those secateurs. She’s still got all her fingers, though… so what exactly has she cut off? Answers on a pillow near Bo soon…

Star Turn Of The Week


Lord knows how writer Simon Guerrier and director Tom Guerrier convinced David Warner to appear in this, but we’re glad they did. One of the finalists in Hat Trick and Bad Teeth's Short and Funnies short comedy film competition.

Origin Story Of The Week


Cute cats plus sci-fi. A shoo-in for a Spurious Award.

Law Change Of The Week

Those days may seem long past, but soon geeky English couples might be eloping over the border to Scotland to get married by… Jedis!

According to a report on BBC News Highlands And Islands , “Proposed changes to marriage (in Scotland) would open the way for Star Wars Jedis to perform ceremonies, a church has said. The Free Church of Scotland said the Marriage and The Free Church of Scotland has raised concerns about religious and civil partnership ceremonies being joined by a third category… Church spokesman, the Reverend Iver Martin, told BBC Alba: ‘The third category is quite astonishing because it is the so-called belief category without really defining what belief means. There are loads of people in a diverse society like this for whom belief can mean virtually anything – the Flat Earth Society and Jedi Knights Society – who knows?”

Just as long as the vows don’t mention how harsh sand is, we can’t really see the problem.

Fan-Baiting Of The Week

We refuse to believe that Disney isn’t being just a little bit cheeky with this – its first official Star Wars themed poster since it became the owner of Lucasfilm last year. They must have known it was red rag to a very bullish fanbase.

Musical Of The Week

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MTV gets Game Of Thrones stars to sing the Game Of Thrones theme tune, with varying results.

Punk Doctor Who , cut-price Pacific Rim

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Cut Price Trailer Of The Week


Fashion Tip Of The Week

Well, the real tip is that if you were in Fallout, you wouldn’t want to wear impractical shoes like this because your feet would probably fall off from radiation poisoning. On the other hand, these Vault 101 shoes from Bethesda are very cool.

Tit Of The Week

Artist Ian Gibson had intended to sell a limited run of 50 posters of Alan Moore’s feminist hero Halo Jones at Bristol Comic Expo… the problem being Jones was topless . Admittedly the proceeds were due to go to charity, but with Expo programme promising you’d get to see Jones Halo “in all her 'glory'!" the whole exercise came across as hideously misjudged and comics fans were in state of high dudgeon (or grumbling on forums as it’s better known). 2000 AD owners Rebellion quickly evoked its copyright powers and made sure the offending poster never went on sale. “I fail to see how my original intentions for the character are served by a long-lens shot of her with her 50th-century tits out," he added. "In fact, rather the opposite,” grumbled Alan Moore on Dodgem Logic , and we can’t say we blame him.

Makeovers Of The Week

The three most recent Doctor Whos as they may have looked if Jamie Hewlett were showrunner.

Hardware Of The Week


Forging He-Man’s sword. What a way to earn a living.

Fright Of The Week

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Customisation Of The Week

You can see the huge version of this image here .

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