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A gamut of TV in-jokes, much male bonding, rainbow-farting unicorns, Doctor Who shoes, and loads more

Game Mod Of The Week


In-Jokes Of The Week

TV seems to have gone in-joke mad this week, and there have been so many good ones out there, we’re more than happy to announce four-way joint winners…

Does HBO know this florist in Once Upon A Time is cashing in on one of its copyrights?

And sticking with Once Upon A Time , looks like Rumpelstiltskin got the better of a Slayer at some point in the past (recognise the scythe in the background?). Jane Espenson wrote this episode and blogged gleefully about all the in-jokes after it went out.

Meanwhile, Being Human UK took the gentle mickey out of grieving Mitchell and George fans, with supercilious spook Pearl snidely berating Annie: “Over 55 years and I’ve never had to change my line-up.”

Lost Girl finally acknowledged what all its viewers have been saying since episode one, with Bo teasing Dyson for having, “Chris Martin hair.” (Actually, he has the entire head, but we’ll settle for the hair gag.)

Supernatural ’s in-joke award is mightily deserved, for the sheer imagination of recreating the first death scene from Jaws in a startling new location. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the ball pool… (Actually, we’ve seen the way the kids play in them; it’s never been safe to play in a ball pool.)

Rainbow-Farting Unicorn Of The Week

Supernatural also had a rainbow-farting unicorn. You need to ask why that’s getting a Spurious Award? It’s a rainbow-frigging-farting unicorn. How much more spurious do you want?

Why The Long Face? Of The Week

Klaus seems to be having unnatural fantasies about Caroline in The Vampire Diaries . Was there any need for him to draw her looking quite so lasciviously at that horse? A horse which, in turn, seems to be thinking, “Ey-up, me luck’s in here.” Could VD be the first show to have a vampire/equine three-in-a-bed scene? Damn, we had money on True Blood breaking that particular taboo first.

Record Breaker Of The Week

A few months back Supernatural 's Misha Collins organised the Greatest Internet Scavenger Hunt The World Has Ever Seen (GISHWHES) and sent his fans/minions scurrying around the world doing myriad random tasks for him (having a photograph taken while wearing a dress made of bacon is our favourite). All the hard work paid off and now Mr Collins and his GISHWHES teammates are the proud recipients of a Guinness World Record. Well done!

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Missed Package Of The Week

This brilliant piece of promotional gumpf arrived in the SFX offices courtesy of Maximum Power , the new Blake’s 7 programme guide that may not be entirely serious in its approach.

Bonding Of The Week

These are being posted one-a-day at the moment over at paperbeatsscissors . They’re quite brilliant, and becoming steadily more strange. Which is good.

Pimped Trainers Of The Week

Not sure if you know this, but over on the Converse All-Stars site there’s a “create your own” option. You design them, they make them and send them to you. The options are fairly limited – you can’t suddenly decide you want Spider-Man webbing all over them, for example, which makes Dave Ingram ’s efforts especially noteworthy. Stretching the service’s capabilities to the limits, he’s created a range of Doctor Who -inspired high-tops. The Sixth Doctor ones are suitably hideous and we bet Dave doesn’t wear them out much. But could this be the start of a new trainer-pimping challenge?

Re-Edited Trailer Of The Week

Screen Rant and Synn Studios have put together this ultimate fan-made trailer for The Avengers , expertly stitching together elements from the Super Bowl trailer for The Avengers, the first trailer for The Avengers and footage from Iron Man , Iron Man 2 , The Incredible Hulk , Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger . The result is possibly more exciting than the official trailers.

Punning Kitchen Apparel Of The Week

Via Geeks Are Sexy .

Thunderbirds Homage Of The Week

If we could afford this subterranean garage, we’d splash out on some collapsible palm trees and a slide-away swimming pool too. Via Geeks Are Sexy .

Crafting Project Of The Week

Fancy making a TARDIS phone-charging station? Then you’ll find all the instructions here . Our real question, though, is have you actually ever met anybody who puts their phone in a special cosy to charge it?

Dullest Marriage Proposal Of The Week

And she said yes… after bonkers boyfriend Robert Hall translated it for her. [Via newslite ]

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