Shocker: Survey suggests gamers losing interest in arcades

Still mourning the slow, painful death of arcades in North America? You may be in the minority. A survey in an upcoming issue Nintendo Power suggests that the majority of gamers are either apathetic about the decline of arcade gaming or %26ndash; sadder still %26ndash; have never even experienced the joys of inserting one more coin to continue.

Appearing in the magazine's March issue, the survey asked whether or not its respondents missed arcades. 43% said yes, 30% said 'not really,' and 27% admitted they've never been to one. To be fair, 43% is still a good showing, but had this survey been conducted in the mid-90s, we're inclined to believe it could have been as high as 125% - nay, 150%!

It's hard to take simple survey too seriously, but it does remind us that there used to be a time when you couldn't throw a quarter in Toronto (New York, Chicago, [your city here]) without hitting some kind of video game megaplex or hole-in-the-wall arcade. Of course, there used to also be a time when home consoles couldn't compete with cabinets either. Is it worth holding on to an outdated idea or is it time for arcade enthusiasts simply give up the ghost?

[Source: Infendo]

Feb 25, 2011

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