Raid Over the River

Whoa there, sit down, classic Atari fanboy - developer Nibris' new vertically scrolling shooter Raid Over the River DS bears no relation to the legendary Activision game River Raid. It does, however, involve a storyline that reaches across 3,000 years, six dimensions and an armada of alien ships begging to be blown away.

Crazy plot or no, we're rabid fans of strong-armed shoot 'em ups, so seeing a new one land on the DS is enough to get us excited. But sadly, it's still unknown exactly what'll make Raid stand out in the gameplay department - perhaps all that dimensional shifting and time traveling will affect the outcome? We can tell from the screens that your "ship" appears to change as you jump through time, in one case becoming a dragon. Because dragons were real.

Above: Sure looks like a dragon to us, but what other things might you pilot?

Raid will be the first of two titles in the series, with the second hitting Wii sometime next year. Nibris is also currently developing Sadness, a black-and-white Wii game claiming to be an homage to pre-World War I cinema. We'll see.

June 14, 2006

Brett Elston

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